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  1. Great it works for everyone, except for me ? Because I don't know where to input this code... If I want to enhance the look of apps like IP.downloads or iAwards or..., so how and where do I insert the code to show a 3 columns row below the regular bottom widget container? Or is this just code, that I could put into IP.pages?
  2. Currently -> Requested -> Show these areas in order 1,2,3,4,5,6,7... This would help so much and facilitate basic designs. Of course, if we could split widget areas dynamically, be specifying split counts (= how many containers in a row), that would be even better, but the above solution would be a first approach to help us easily setup even nicer sites.
  3. It's showing up after quite a time, probably due to a background task. But if you use different profile categories (=profile fields sorted into categories), the "age" shows in each section in the member profiles. If you have more than one profile field categories, you will see it multiple times on the members profiles pages.
  4. Hi, the following questions: Does the app honor the notification setting "Send me news and informations"? So if opted-out, it won't send any emails, even if the birthday has been entered? For my test user, I didn't receive an email nor a pm: # my test user was an admin (primary group) and a member (secondary group). Settings were on for "admins", but "member" excluded (in exclude groups). Is this a problem? Maybe it would be of advantage to specify who to send to, and not what groups should be excluded? # I read about "you need activity to trigger the send task". What activity do you mean? Is logging in an activity already, or does it require content creation on each day? Is there an overview, how many emails have been sent? Or any other indicator? Or a "test mode" where PMs are sent to the admins, that confirm birthday emails/pms have been sent (with details to whom, when...) Thanks.
  5. I'm interested in the Member Goals add-on (though I think the renewal fees are a bit pricey in relation to the main app). But this makes me ask some informations concerning the future of this add-on: Will this add-on be updated with fresh triggers and f.e. new award types (points, items, more?) regularily in the future? Like the main app? Might there be additional rewards (not only points or membersshop items" but additionally lead to "process XYZ rule in automation rules"? Or additional functionality as "if goal is reached, send a notification/PM to admins" (for custom awarding)? Are more crazy goal types planned like a content-read-per-time-trigger, f.e. "has read 25 forum posts a day"? Or "is very active during night times between 0 am - 4 am"? Or "has been scrolling down on 40 topic pages of a special topic"? Might there be done any triggers like "has received 2 iawards in a week"? (I know the iaward app is not supported yet) Maybe something like "has posted 10 posts in a special forum with at least X characters and/or Y words"? (content measuring) Another idea could be, to have an "iaward" given for reaching a goal (could be done via a rule as well), but as soon as another person will also meet the goal afterwards, the iaward is taken from the initial goal owner, and moved to the new person (= a special trophy that is handed from last person to the next person aso) And: "member has received at least 5 positive reactions for a single content (topic or post…) in an hour/week/month/year"? What happens if I create a lot of goals? Will this be reducing the loading speed of my community remarkably? I imagine there has to be set a counter for each member for every goal, and if you have a huge member database, there might be adverse consequences? Before I start purchasing a lot of membersshop add-ons, will these apps and add-ons be supported until the end of time? ? ? ? To be honest, of course, you can't predict what will happen, but if I start purchasing more and more apps and integrate them to my awarding strategy, I'd wish to hear "the members shop industry is planned to go far beyond IPS 4 or even 5" Only as an idea or a special marketing event, maybe you could sell add-on bundles, like, pay 2, get 3. Thanks for offering such nice enhancements. As soon as I have my strategy built completely, I will go on purchasing more of your add-ons. Your development is highly appreciated.
  6. I haven't tested it so far, but if you own the "Classifieds" app, it shows as an option to add this module to any club. Maybe you should ask the author about it, if it works with classifieds.
  7. No, at least not for me. Discussion about the cover image only: Even in your example (originating from a desktop display), you can't really recognize the horse on the cover image. Maybe the saddle should show the stable logo or you want to catch the cheering live audience as well? Currently, I only notice a roof. edit: just noticed the expandable cover image, never detected this before… ? Usually I only click on buttons ? Concerning the informations around: reputation, warning points, follower <- all of these informations could be moved onto the cover image. All Informations displayed in a minimalistic way just with an indicator icon and a value. Which expand on click to a popup with further details.
  8. - the x% they pay to deposit or what ever is set for the chosen usegroup Yes, I was talking about "bank interest per year". I don't know any real bank, who has bank interests on such a high level ? Problem is, that I can only specify "bank interest per month". If it would be "per year" I'd be fine with 1% ? I know, that we can absorb the 12% per year bank interest effect with a 11% deposit fee, but I don't think this is the way to go. Furthermore, and sorry - I'm talking about group permissions again - I found out the following behavior and have to ask if this is intended: I'm an "admin" (in primary group - set to 3% bank interest per month) and also a "system operator" (in a secondary group - set to 2% bank interest per month) RESULT: I get 3% Other example: I'm an "vip member" (in secondary group - set to 3% bank interest per month) and also a "regular member" (in a primary group - set to 1% bank interest per month) RESULT: vip only get 1% So I conclude, that only "primary member groups" are honored. But talking about bank interest, one should get the highest value that is configured for any member group he is in. As soon as you have an individual member group strategy in your community, you will get into conflict there - and as far as I know - this isn't the way how IPS handles permissions, either. Maybe I'm wrong, but currently I'm confused ?
  9. First of all, I'd like to show the profile cover image without a gap in between the community header and the cover image, which would look a lot cleaner Second, I'd like to stretch the cover image to 100% width horizontally like in the official IPS blog. I also suggest to have a look at how lithium shows member profiles. Here are some enhancements requested already -> More enhancements can be found here -> and here ->
  10. They can not earn points if thet are not active, you set the points to be awarded if they have either logged in / posted content in the time frame of the award tasks Maybe I don't understand this correctly. There already is a functionality to stop members earning points, f.e. for receiving reactions, if they haven't been logged in for a week or a month? Where is it please? That would be extremely helpful as I can only start using these features as soon as secondary groups are honored. I really can't overwrite primary member groups, as there are different permissions inherited already and there is no possibility for a default primary group upgrade from all groups. the application is wrote without decimals so I would need to rewrite lots to have that function which will not be something I am looking to do for a while ( don't mean it won't happen though ) ok, I just want to mention that +12% interest rate per year (for people that purchased points for real money) is extremely high. I'm rating this feature by an economic points of view in relation to my business model usage. Please always have in mind, that some of your membershop users try to develop their own business model! It's not only a fun app for us, as we can lose a lot of money with it. As soon as we start offering points for money, this changes a lot. But anyway, I'm already very happy your app exists in the way it is, I'm just adding my comments for you to have them in mind concerning different usage cases. Thanks.
  11. I don't think there should be a maximum, people enjoy being number 1 in rankings etc, if you limit this, there will never be one number 1, you could have 100 with the max points all with the top member point ranking of 1, if someone was 2nd, you never know they could pay to get some points to be in first place, if you limit it, why would they bother? they will not get 1st place on the leaderboards etc they will sit below the other 100 people with the maximum points, Once you take away or limit the chase you take away the peoples fun they can have Your assumptions are totally true, but only for non-business-orientated points-models. As soon as you start, integrating your points system into a business-model, the following happens: Members purchase points for real money. They don't do it, to be no. 1 in any ranking, but to invest their points into subscriptions, sercives, products, downloads… I even lock the stats page for members, as they shall not know, who are the richtest money investors. As far as I know, the bank is secret anyway, so this terminates your ranking argument If people only earn points by content, and not by purchasing them with real money, a fair maximum amount is extremely helpful to make them invest their points, as they can't gain anymore Points don't run out of control. Nobody can become that rich, that it might destroy my business model one day. that is probably something what could get added, but you need to think, if I paid you $10 / $20 to buy points and went on holiday, came back and see you removed my points because I was offline. I am going to either PayPal or my bank and making a claim, thats a joke. ( Remember to think of how people will react ) We've been talking with another developer concerning this 1 year ago. Our main arguments were: If you've been purchasing points in the Playstation Network (as far as I can remember) or on the Microsoft Xbox console, points of course expire and decay after 2 years time. It's a matter of our terms and conditions. Points are being used to be spent on the platforms, not to hoard and treasure them up for ages. Notice, that we don't want to be unfair. We just want to avoid, that # we have heaps of unused bucks on account, as we might change business models one time in the future # members shouldn't gain additional points during their inactivity time (f.e. for received reactions). Imagine, one opens a high value topic, which gains thousands of responses, but the member isn't active anymore, but then returns after 5 years and is a rich man... This requires a handling
  12. My requirement is similar: Creating a club is a paid subscription plan feature on my site. As soon as the paid subscription ends, it should freeze the club similar to as mentioned above. No more content creation, no more admin/leader control, no more invitations nor approvals of memberships. After renewing the paid membership, the owner/leader are granted permissions again.
  13. Adjust mobile design: Then create the progressive web app (PWA) with common requirements: My community is begging for an app, and I already lost ~60% of member traffic to Facebook and WhatsApp. Why? Not because my content isn't good enough anymore, but my members use my contents, and afterwards, go on with live messaging/meetings (which is an elemental part in my industry) via Facebook and WhatsApp and I lose control. I can do nothing against it. My competitors don't have contents, but they have active Facebook and WhatsApp groups. The FB/WA messaging functions are way better, and my users require an app icon to remember my site as well as push notifications to their mobiles. Not having an app is blocking my success factors extremely. I'm already considering buying an app development for my WordPress pages (which seems to be cheaper as many developers already did it for the WP platform...), but that would be the point to lose the power an IPS app would have. I'd prefer an IPS app, but I don't have ages to wait for one. We need to speed up any arrangement. I'd be willing to pay, too!!!
  14. Search for the according CSS elements and add to custom.css -> text-transform: lowercase !important; probably one of these -> .ipsType_pageTitle, .ipsType_sectionTitle, .ipsType_secondaryTitle, .ipsType_sectionHead, .ipsType_minorHeading
  15. Other ideas of high interest: redeem functionality -> to avoid that inactive users gain more and more points and become rich without even being active on the site for a longer time (beside the points depreciation idea), there should be a functionality, that members have to "redeem their gained points". Something like a confirmation button, that has to be pressed from to time, otherwise, awarded points will be lost permissions secondary groups -> currently, the IPS permission use the permissions matrix for the member group with the least permission. In members shop, it only uses the permissions of the primary member group (you can test this with bank interest rates). Additionally to my request above (integrate secondary membergroup upgrade promotion feature), also the permissions in the member groups setting should be honored. BUT: as interest rates for VIP or other groups (in primary OR secondary groups) the highest interest rate should be selected Idea: place membersshop items "purchase" button on other pages or in widgets? so we can promote special items elsewhere minimum percentage in bank? values less than 1% should be allowed. currently they don't even save...
  16. Hi, here are some other improvements for the chat, which I noticed by comparing it with other chat clients I think the height limit of the chat window is not ideal, there should be an option to use the whole display height or at least specify a percentage height The avatar / username combination in the chat window is not clean nor in a consistent format. Either the usernames are below the avatar OR they are right next to it (half of the name) and the second half below the avatar (crazy line breaks at different positions). Especially longer member names look like a mess and interrupted. Sometimes, only the last character of a membername is shown in a separate row, which looks really ugly. Checkout the discord formatting, which is always clean... I'd recommend to change it like they do it with avatars and usernames the "send" button looks totally oldschool. It should be revamped to gain a more modern look. Either their should only be an icon, or only text. Currently, I see an Oldschool icon and a truncated textstring with "..." at the end (probably due to my translation), but this shouldn't happen maybe change the vertical scrollbar to a more slim and fashionable one, too. Regular scrollbars in chats appear outdated. maybe show a feature in the chat user online list (right side), below the usernames, an information about when they last posted in the room, f.e. "never" / "<1min" / "<5min" / "<15min" / "<30min" / "<60min" to better indicate who is contributing to the conversation and who is just stalking it. with the new chatbots, please let us also use the new emoji one library in bot responses. we really require a more modern look and more icons. ideally chatbot messages have a neat text fadein effect to make it more spectacular. maybe a feature to directly quick-react to each chat message (but the reaction shouldn't count in the regular reactions / reputation total count of the site!) ideally we can have our own customized icons, that relate to our site business. This would be a lot of fun and engage our members even better please let us have an individual font setting, just for the chat window. the whole chat would look more like an app, if we could use a different font than the default one selected in our theme please let our bots use their own "bot avatars". A bot with an avatar would be more personal than just viewing a plain text line. I think that's important. It would be great to have different bot avatars for different bot responses. Let us feel as if there is a bot army with individual names and individual avatars ? currently images/videos are implemented to "open on click" (default = hidden). I'd prefer to show them like preview thumbnails, and if you click on them, they open in a "fit to window" size So far, best regards and thanks for considerations.
  17. Minor bug found: (1) if translating language strings that use "%s%" - which is used for (1) deposit message above deposit button in the bank (^^ see my report above) and (2) states the interest informations in the bank - then the string isn't displayed. As soon as I change "%s%" to "%s percent" it works. (2) the date of the next interest rate in the bank is always displayed in english, but it should also use the "translated date formatting"
  18. Sure, mainly, each bot item requires the following settings: in what room to show when to trigger (time / keywords / keyphrases / …) -> have a trigger count in a timeframe (if trigger count is higher than X, goto pause for this keyword…) checking who triggers, and then, if a special criteria is TRUE, do one of the following -> goto special responses (TRUE) -> otherwise use standard responses what to respond if TRUE is prioritized (special responses) ^^ randomly select out of SPECIAL RESPONSE POOL: - True response 1 - True response 2 (specify 'who can view?') - True response 3 (secret, only displayed to the member triggering) otherwise what to respond by default (if only 1 message exists, then select this one | if more message exist, then randomly select OR sequentially select other ones…), out of the RESPONSE POOL: - Pool response 1 - Pool response 2 what the bot should do afterwards # go on responding (next…) # pausing for short period # pausing for longer period # go to another rule... It's not the exact logic, but you get what I mean… ? I'm familiar with basic coding and know about the effort and clean concept requirements and how deep one can go down the condition clauses ? I'll be more than happy to see an initial adaption of the basic ideas at first. Thanks a lot
  19. if john triggers it, don't show it to john nor becky. as long as bot messages are shown to all chat participants, none of them should be able to retrigger it directly. F.e. if a chat participant writes "bot", the bot responds "I'm here". ? After that, people start discussing about the bot, and the keyword "bot" is used for many minutes like 40 times. After each mention of the "bot" word, my bot jumps in and states "I'm here"... which is very annoying for the chat flow. Therefore, I think your code should randomly select one of each events: either it states "I'm here" (regular behavior - for the first time mentioning), AFTER THAT -> it will pause for 2 minutes (code has randomly selected the "pause function"), AFTER THAT -> it states a randomly selected alternative message like "Don't mention me too often or I'll come visit you at home" (code has randomly selected the "select an alternative message / different response"), AFTER THAT -> it states another randomly selected alternative message like "You must be extremely in love with me" (code has randomly selected again the "select an alternative message / different response"), AFTER THAT -> after triggering it the X.th time, the bot responds "Sorry, I'm off now… I feel stalked by you, see you back later again" (and then stops randomly selecting at all for 5 minutes…) That's what I mean. It should have a "BOT RESPONSE FLOW": reacting -> pausing for a short time period -> reacting differently -> maybe reacting again -> pausing for longer time period As, for each response on keyword, the bot has an alternative message, after the 5 minutes pause it will restart responding, BUT THIS TIME the bot starts stating "I require a few minutes to recover from last night" (instead of responding "I'm here" for the first time - regular behavior but alternative message) then pause again a short interval (^^ 2minutes like before, as the pause was resetted) afterwards the word "bot" mentioned again, the bot comes up with a new alternative message like "Ok, now you get my full attention" after 2 other bot responses -> bot is out for 5 minutes again… aso yes, exactly. maybe the bot could check the member group before, which means - according to the example above -> that I can enter alternative messages, that will be prioritized as an alternative message, if the member belongs to a special member group Or, with an even higher logic, the bot could check for different member criteria (member status or profile fields of the member who triggers it). Let's assume John mentions the "bot" (and John is a VIP Member, has 500 posts and lives in USA) Now the bot randomly selects one of the prioritized responses, f.e. Come on, John, as a VIP, you should know it better OR Believe me, John, I'm doing my job for longer than your neat 500 responses. First go back to the forums and create more contents to convince me.... OR Not sure, but in your country USA, John, you shouldnt defame my power or you'll get imprisoned quite fast and you'll never see the sun again AFTER THAT -> the bot knows: it's "John, the VIP member", and it won't start pausing as VIPs aren't triggered for this… But the initial idea, concerning the status checkup, was: If Letitia (female, regular member) asks the "bot": "When are you coming back", then the bot states Letitia, please have a look in our store, and purchase more items to get my full attention (and ONLY LETITIA WILL SEE THIS MESSAGE, as it is a special advertisement for regular members, VIPs won't be able to view this message in the chat) AFTER THAT -> Letitia is writing "bot" again, and bot responds: Dear little miss, you're so lovely, but I already told you about... Hope, you get the point, but please ask me for more ideas if you like. If I can be of further assistance, I'm glad to support you with more ideas how bots could evolve to a higher logic ? ^^ ANY OF THESE SCENARIOS COULD HAPPEN BY ONLY MENTIONING THE WORD "BOT" INSTEAD OF "I'M HERE" ?
  20. In addition to my last post, it would be a great idea, to integrate bot functionality, to show specified (content/keyword/keyphrase) bots answers ONLY to specified member groups (could also be used as "secret messages) WHY? There are so many reasons, why bot message receivers should be addressed according to their status. F.e. # new members (just validated) require to see messages about special terms & rules. Long-term members don't require these informations. They already know about it # you could have more fun with your VIP members # VIP members shouldn't see "advertisement responses" # chat mods could be shown special instructions, how to handle special keywords… # address female members with more compliments and many more. Please also consider this. Thanks.
  21. Sorry, I wrote a response concerning the chat in your official "CodingJungle Apps Support" Topic, as I didn't realize, there is a special topic for the babble chat. I was requesting the optimization of chatbots functionality. My post can be found here:
  22. Hi CodingJungle, I'm using your babble chat application for a long time now, and though people asking for implementing a more graphical advanced chat solution with existing mobile apps for their smartphones, that are easy to handle, and neat graphics and sound features, it has 2 main advantages: it's an integrated solution, that alllows us to keep control what's going on. We don't want to move our users to other platforms like discord, where users can easily switch to another chatroom and only using ours for new members headhunting and leaving our section/domain… the chatbots idea! The first version of the chatbots was nice, but after a long time using it, the chatbots start annoying some members, who use the chat frequently. WHY? The chatbots are triggered every time, a keyword is used only know the same answer again and again This should really be changed soon: Implement a "trigger pause" per "keyword": If someone writes "this keyword", the bot responds "understood" and then he will stop reacting on this keyword for 5 minutes. If someone writes "another keyword/keyphrase"", he will wait for 1 hour aso… Implement alternative responses (in addition to the trigger pause), which are selected randomly or sequentially. If someone writes "this keyword", the bots respond "unterstood" the first time, the second time "I already told you, I understood", the third time "please don't annoy me" We can only be creative and integrate more advanced response functionality, if we get the tools to implement our ideas... Without these features, I'm losing my main argument no.2 (^^ see above) for using babble.... Please consider this in a next release. It's an important requirement for us. Thanks.
  23. I'm happy with font awesome, but I'd wish to have any integration for an individual icon font, too. Graphical experience (and customization options) are an important usage animation factor nowadays. Currently I'm using hundreds (!) of individual icons uploaded as png, and according to the optimization of loading times, we would benefit of having options for additional vector integrations. I'm not sure, if it is wise to have 2 icon fonts included and using both of them at the same time, but it seems better to me than my png solution ?
  24. Thanks for this plugin. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on my installation… (not on custom design nor on default design)
  25. Additionally, I would require an option to set the commission settings per category, too. The more I think about it, the per category settings should include selection of the appropriate TAX/VAT class selection of the payment gateway selection fo the commission settings Otherwise, we can't handle private and commercial classifieds together in this app, which is a showbreaker for me unfortunately.
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