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  1. Hi @InvisionHQ, please consider to implement a tax/VAT setting per category. Currently there is no solution, if I want to sell commercial stuff which requires to add tax/VAT, for my own items as well for other commercial company sellers... sell noncommercial stuff, where tax/VAT is not allowed to be added. Private sellers are not allowed to have tax/VAT on invoices. It's a bad problem, as I can't use the classifieds app for both requirements, but it should be able to handle these. If there would be a differentiation between categories (one category for commercial users with TAX/VAT applied, another one for private seller with NO TAX/VAT applied by using a 0% TAX/VAT model), the invoicing would be correct for both usage cases. Please do NOT use a single general TAX/VAT setting for ALL classifieds. Make it a per category setting. Thanks.
  2. Hi, some suggestions/requests if possible: It would be nice to have an effect feature, if onmouseover over a slider image, have a transparent overlay (glow effect while moving over slider images - something like a white opacity effect onmouseover). This would look more dynamic while moving the mouse over the slides, if you can feel the slides change a bit during that time... a colored slider background: I mean the color behind all the slider images, something like a background box, that is colored. "Boxing" is a nice design effect. Why these features? I'm using the featured content app as navigations bars with icon images, as the IPS menu is not suited for my requirements…. Just 2 simple enhancements to consider, if you like them too, which would improve the featured content app even more. ? Thanks.
  3. Some suggestions/issues for/with the bank module: Why can't we have fees for withdrawals? I think it should be handled the same as deposits. No statements for deposit costs: On withdrawals, it says "Withdrawals are free" above the "withdraw" button, but on the left side, it doesn't state anything for deposits, not even how much percentage fees are taken off the deposit. No warning, no statement, nothing… Beside of that this is an important information, it also breaks the design, as the deposit button is located a row in height above the withdrawal button On mobile view, the "transactions" link breaks the design... it gets moved out of the title bar Other important suggestions: membership upgrades to secondary groups (already mentioned above but I list it here again) points depreciation: an option to reduce points by inactivity time if member is inactive (reduce by x percentage per year or per 6 months, if member hasn't been active during this time, I mean something like a negative interest rate) Define maximum total amounts for points on hand as well as for deposits in the bank, so members have to spend their points if they reach the max limit…. New item for members shop: "purchase advertisements in the IPS ads system" on predefined locations with predefined "active time setting" Allow positive/negative points for (positive/negative) reaction GIVERs at the same time, the receiver is awarded with points. I want to award both: (1) the content author receives points for receiving reactions for good contents (already implemented) but also (2) the GIVER for engaging in user engagement. Every reaction counts, so please let us award both at the same time. For example: Is there any accounting overview for users in the frontend? A location, where they can see how much they received or spent for any special actions? Or any option for a daily summary (with an indicator if the user is above or below the community average) Show the points account balance in the header maybe? like this file -> https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8832-account-balance/ Notification popups or sounds if a member awarded with points is online at that time For donations, there should be a maximum donation amount (per day) - a limiter is requested to avoid misuse. Award points for being subscribed to bulk mail (per day/week/month) and reduce points if not subscribed to bulk email. -> bulk mail is most important for email marketing, so it has a very high value!! Even more points award triggers (taken from another site off my posts): Best regards, and as always: your members shop app is awesome!!!
  4. Will there be an option to deposit different codes for single-time-use? -> a different code for each purchaser? If yes, we could sell discount vouchers there, that aren't bound to a special person, but can only be used once. So there won't be misuse with these codes/vouchers... So how can I put different codes into the "code field" then? If I hit the return key to get another 'key code insertion field', it just saves the item ? but I can't see any option, how to enter different keys, f.e. 10, in there. Shouldn't I be able to insert a list of key codes? Or do I have to create a new item for every single code?
  5. Concerning the membership subscription promotion feature, I think it will be absolutely necessary to have an option to promote member to SECONDARY MEMBER GROUPS only I don't want to touch primary member groups, as this makes no sense, if members want to buy different member group promotion features. The member group promotion feature should be available for different membershop items in addition, which means, members can buy different membergroup promotion items and will be promoted to different secondary member groups. I would kindly ask to consider this important feature. Thanks. Another concern for paid downloads: If I sell downloads for XY points, then it shows the price correctly, but in the files (to purchase with points) the button still states "DOWNLOAD" only, and there is no information on/below/above the Download button, that there will be a points fee, that has to be paid. It would be beneficial, if it could somehow state "If you download this file, your points will be reduced by XX points. To you want to continue?" Thanks.
  6. Nothing but the IPS patches for the latest IPS release… Don't think it's them… ? Another issue I found: The membership upgrades haven't been converted correctly. They now show as an members shop item with a price only. I can't see any more settings for the membership upgrade item (like upgrade to xy group, for how long….)
  7. Great update! Thanks a lot. I will review all the features next week. But 1 question right now: It's about the IP.Downloads files, that shall be sold with points Situation: A test user created a "free download" file, now I edit the details as the admin and enter the points price (it shall be soId for 50 Points per download f.e.), but it doesn't save the 50 Points Price. It is still available for free. And after returning to the file - editing the file details - the "free" points checkbox is flagged again. What is wrong? And question 2: What happens if a user sells a "paid download file", but doesn't want to sell it with points? The input mask for entering a points price is still viewable, and I have only options to enter a price or set it to "free", but I think, there should be an option to say "no points price available".
  8. Cyboman


    Club content is not yet supported, but it is in progress. That being said, users will never receive newsletters from "just the clubs they are in" for the same reason as the "unread" question. I am working on allowing Club owners to create their own newsletters, so each club would have its own newsletter that could be sent out. There are no plans for a combined club newsletter. Please create for the club newsletters an optional feature in the group settings. I want to sell this feature ("sendout club newsletters") as a VIP feature. If a member purchases a VIP membership subscription, he should be allowed to have paid clubs and the newsletter feature. Other members (who are in other permitted member groups) may only create free clubs and shouldn't be able to use this "club newsletter" feature without having a special paid membership subscription. Please consider this. Thanks.
  9. Top! Feature for member shop points would be a great idea! ?
  10. First check app permissions ACP -> System -> Applications -> Commerce -> Support -> Permissions Second, check "contact us" behavior ACP -> System -> Settings -> Contact us -> "create support request" in the same mask, there are also the permissions, to whom "contact us" will be shown Also check, that "contact" is permitted for guests in ACP -> System -> Applications -> System -> Contact -> Permissions
  11. Hmm, not sure if it works correctly. The tab entry ("deactivation requests") in the ModCP to decide about requests and handle confirmations isn't displayed at all. There is NO DISPLAY. In the settings, I don't see any fields to edit the "deactivation terms" as well as the "deletion terms". Where can I edit the deactivation / deletion terms? In the account settings, the option to deactivate/delete the account is on the right side of the display as a simple text link below "other settings". But I think, it should be positioned more obvious in the vertical tab menu on the left side of the display (anywhere in here -> between email address, password, account security…) In ACP -> account deactivation, there are possible email notifications. They are for the member, who requested a deactivation/deletion, right? Thanks for checking.
  12. I'm just setting up the support request system, and I encountered some limitations I suggest to improve: There should be a setting, how often emails are sent to remind the responsible (assigned) members to solve issues. A time interval setting is required with some options, when to remind and when not. F.e. # Exclude from Reminders, if a special status is set # Remind for any status (=reminder should be a per status setting) When viewing a support ticket, there is a lot of essential information missing. # I'm missing information like: + when joined + content count + reputation count + warnings count. These ones should be viewable directly. Currently I can only open the member in a new tap/window to view his informations: If I open the member by "open member in new tab", the "Customer view" is presented by default. But in my case, I'd like to see the member view as default. I think that's not an ideal workflow imo. A frontend indicator about new AND/OR assigned support requests is totally missing. There should be any notification (preferably in a new "notification area" for member reports for moderators only, but viewable only to allowed staff team members for their support request department) Especially admins with mobile devices "on the run" shouldn't be logged in to the ACP with their mobiles all the time. A proper frontend indication is at least required If I create a support request on staff behalf in the ACP, and then select "owner type -> email", an email is sent to the entered email address, but this email has NO LINK back to the support request in any way, nor one can reply (as it was sent with the standard noreply@... address). So how can one reply to such tickets? And can anybody please explain in which cases to use the "create new support request in the ACP with ownertype -> email"? When communicating in support requests with community members, my real name (first name / last name) is shown as the staff member, but I want to change this to my -> display name in the community. How? There should be an option to change this. If I solve support request issues (=completed, resolved), the counter in the ACP with open tickets changes, BUT: in some cases, if switching through the ACP menus, the new count isn't honored. This seems to me like a bug. The counter refresh doesn't operate like it should. The refresh times appear to be delayed. On top of new support requests (after opening them in the ACP), I can see the support request title, but there is no information about the member, who has sent it. Ok, you can scroll down now, to see the "XYZ has created a new support request…" area but this is 10 lines downwards. Below the title, there should be the member avatar as well as the member name and the according member primary group displayed. Like it is displayed for any contents in the community frontend. What happens, if a new support request has been sent by an unregistered email (f.e. via the contact us option OR via 1 configured email address. Will this new support request be displayed to ALL staff members (as no department is set at this point of time). Imo there should be a default setting for new support requests (with no department assigned), who exactly will be able to view them! There are always confidential informations being sent to a standard incoming email address, and if this one is associated with the support request system, staff members that shouldn't be able to view them are permitted to view them. The auto-resolve feature is nice, but I'd like to see more different auto-resolve configurations possible. Not only one for all cases. Thanks for considerations and any help is appreciated if you know any solution to my concerns ?
  13. This is also my problem: too much money wasted for missing revenue as members email lack quality and quality emails requested by unregistered users can't be handled at once. (A) I can't even afford MailChimp for my database (100.000+ members, many members use temporary emails and they rise up that fast you can't insert new email bans in time). Plus (B) I have problems with GDPR-conform-Emails (older subscribers, but don't want to discuss this here again) as well as (C) missing bulk-email-cleanup-options for low quality subscribers, f.e. a "subscription reacception functionality" (you never detect, if all your emails go into spam directly) and (D) I have problems with delivering emails to Microsoft/outlook/Hotmail, as they don't like my settings though I'm not blacklisted (E) Users not registered must be served via different lists (more steps, additional contracts handling & costs) (F) You can't really sort and send via one-stop-email-service for all requirements THE BULK EMAIL FEATURE REQUIRES AN OVERALL NEW MAKEUP TO SORT OUT LOW QUALITY EMAILS AND SUBSCRIBE NEW HQ-EMAILS FOR DIFFERENT CHANNELS Requests for avoiding wasted traffic and legal problems: Email filter options and automated membergroup promotions/demotions according to "is subscribed to bulk email" / "is not subscribed to bulk email" More options for the MailChimp Integration (currently there are only 3 options: No / Send only bulk email via MailChimp / Send ALL MAIL to MailChimp). I'd recommend more finegrained options like: # use MailChimp only for "registration / password resets" # use MailChimp only for transaction emails according to the notification settings # use MailChimp only for account deletion confirmation It would be great, if we'd have several options, what MailChimp is allowed for and for what not, and select each of them to activate (unselect to deactivate) Bulk-Cleanup-Options (bulk unsubscribe according to different member status) # kick them out (unsubscribe) if not active in the community for xyz time Have automation functionality to # reaccept new email terms and/or # ask if members wish to go on receiving bulk emails and auto-unsubscribe if they do nothing in a specified amount of time Requests for integrating more high quality emails: Legal integration of unregistered users emails for bulk email, that don't have a community account (as they don't feel to get a complicated nickname+password first) Have options for different "newsletters" for both registered and unregistered users, f.e. splitup # uncommercial bulk emails # commercial bulk emails # bulk emails for additional ads by partner sites Only to name a few suggestions... This would reduce the costs by far OR help us monetizing a lot more.
  14. Any ideas how this could be achieved for paid downloads files? Downloads files have different refund policies than physical products, and the checkbox+linked text must be located directly above the checkout button "buy & pay"
  15. Is this app compatible with IPS 4.3? Wasn't able to find any informations about compatibility in the file description.
  16. @Aiwa has created a similar plugin for a former IPS version. Not sure if he's interested to take on such a project again in the future, that integrates Support Tickets, Commerce, purchase informations, custom links, and some flexible deals integration possibilities... https://aiwa.me/files/file/16-support-request-menu/ Maybe there are others in the development queue, but this one ^^ was the most sophisticated one (unfortunately only for support requests) I found so far
  17. Hmmm, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to send @A Zayed plugin to you (for checking purposes only) but I could grant access to my installation if this is ok for you.
  18. Hi, that would be extremely helpful for all (former) evox customers who want to drop this unsupported application. Please consider this as an option. Though it'll be painful for me to drop the evox points, as I just introduced my moderators about the "member warning function / warnings integration" and the possibility for "points deductions" as an optional member penalty. This might be a good enhancement idea for the future of members shop, too. Additionally to that, is there any function to tip (donate points) to members DIRECTLY below each post or next to their posts in the user panel? I think I'd need to buy your "enhanced user panel" app, right?
  19. I encountered the following problem: I'm using the "upcoming sliding events widget", which operates fine as only installed slider plugin. As soon as I install and use the "featured contents" slider on a same page, the slider plugin mentioned above ^^ stops sliding the pagination is corrupted in there (= showing the pagination count as numbers 1,2,3,4,5... below each other I also informed the other plugin author via PM. Somehow they don't work together.
  20. Hi, there is something weird going on concerning the renewal costs (different prices). Please have a look at the screenshot... Does the "renew now" calculate inactivity months? F.e. 4 inactive months + 6 new months? I assume it is still ready for 4.3? And the secondary groups filter problem (my installation didn't check for the secondary member groups in the filter settings) solved? Thanks. As a general recommendation: it would be better to do the renewal for a complete year. Too many transactions going on every 6 months ?
  21. Sorry for requestioning ? Is the current version compatible with 4.3 and operating correctly? Just asking before I'm going to start moving tens of thousands of members in a HUGE database in the live installation, so to go sure that no irreversible problems occur.
  22. Not sure, if it already supports IPS 4.3 yet or soon. This app lets you filter for the "real last activity" of your members and bulk delete members based on your filter settings. IPS doesn't show the real last activity, only the last non-anonymous activity. Check with the author!
  23. Hi Mike John, thanks for the app! Some questions and suggestions: does your app honor the "send me news and informations" email-opt-in field during registration? Will newly registered members receive emails (if emails are turned on in the auto welcome settings) if they haven't opted-in? if yes ^^ (= no opt-in check performed) maybe there could be a setting in a future version, to send only to opted-in members, and if they haven't opted-in, then send a pm as an alternative auto welcome method (...but only if not opted in, and never both email and pm) Only my thoughts. Best regards!
  24. hi, is the app ready for 4.3.x?
  25. Hi, will the simplify 4.3 version support all former 4.2 functionality plus all the new 4.3 improvements until now? I'm asking concerning the required GDPR updates, as I don't have any time to restyle everything at the moment, just in case it won't update as it should. So I'm a bit worried at the moment. Can I simply update the installed 4.2 version to 4.3 via the "update theme" option in the ACP and everything will go on working without further modifications? I'm especially asking, as the author, Pete T, did some individual changes on the live installation. Please help, how I can move to the latest version without losing any of the adjustments. Thank you very much.
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