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Minimum MySQL users' permissions

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Is that all? Or does IPB need something else?

P.S.: It would be good to note this in the IPB documentation.

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My suggestion would be to give it full permission.  If IPB is kept in its own database with nothing else in it, there is no risk to it having full permission.  It should not be interfering with other applications.

Restricting permissions only can lead to problems later when it potentially can't do something it needs later and you think the software itself is broken when it's instead just a platform configuration on your side.  A few months down the road, you're never going to remember this and it will be a big mess and waste of time figuring out how to fix the issue when it could be avoided in the first place.  

You're not really increasing the security of anything as long as you keep IPB in its own DB without other applications installed in it.  

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28 minutes ago, Egorkin said:

I have a separate user for the IPB database.

In that case, if you have a dedicated IPB database and database user, just give it full permission and call it a day.  It is no more/less secure and will avoid problems later down the road.  

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55 minutes ago, Egorkin said:
Why does the user need, for example, administrative functions such as

As I mentioned above, you need FULL read and write access to the database. What you are mentioning there are MySQL server level permissions, not database permissions. 

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