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Bug - Repeating events display incorrectly in Events Overview

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On my Invision Community, I use the Events feature extensively. There is an annoying 'bug' on the "Overview" page of the events section.

On this page the events are shown in order that they occur that month.

When you have an event which repeats multiple times that month, the next occurrence of the event is shown in the correct position relative to the current date. However the date label  shows only the first time the event occurs that month.

See my screenshot below for an example. The event which I have highlighted with an arrow repeats on 07 Mar, 14 Mar, 21 Mar, 28 Mar that month. The position of the event is correct, because today is 18 Mar and the next occurrence happens on 21th (so its correctly positioned between the events on 20 Mar and 22 Mar). But the label will always say 07 March, which is only the first time it occurred.

To an end-user, it looks like the event is out-of-order and there's no indication that the event has repeat dates. 

A more useful output to the end user would be to either:

  1. Make the date label match the position by showing the next date instead of the first one.
  2. Make the date label show that the first occurrence of the event was 07 Mar but and repeats.

Hope that makes sense!

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In my screenshot below I show two examples. The event on 6th March shows


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