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Disposable emails block feature doesn't work


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today we upgraded to the latest release and immediately activated the "blocking disposable emails" feature. (btw, very good idea 😉)

We did three tests with 10 minute or temporary email providers and in every case I was able to finish the registration and confirm my email address.

Did I do anything wrong?

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Interesting to hear, but I used Google's top search results for "10-minute emails" or "temporary emails". Maybe I should look on page 10 of the results page to use a lesser known provider. 😄

But seriously now, if the problem mentioned by opentype is like this, then the list of these providers should be optimized 😉.

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On 9/18/2023 at 2:39 AM, opentype said:

I used the same method. I guess the problem is that those mail providers can just add new domains every week and the block list is never up to date. 

You've pretty much nailed it. The goal posts will constantly be moving so newer ones, or ones that have existed for a while but not used until recently, may not be identified immediately. As Charles mentioned in todays release chat, this is a constant ongoing battle. I update our blocklist regularly.

However, these domains, for example:

5 hours ago, SeNioR- said:
  • cazlq.com
  • viicard.com
  • tenjb.com
  • utwoko.com

I can't find on any lists, but I can confirm that they do appear to be disposable. So, I've blocked them manually.

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