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4.7.7 beta 2: Gallery bug

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The new gallery display works fine and looks nice when the album ordering is set to something like “start date”.

Could contain: Page, Text, Switch, Electrical Device

But when the same album is set to ordering by “caption”, everything breaks down. 

  • it won’t load the album’s thumbnails anymore
  • the prev/next buttons jump the the beginning or end, not the next/previous images

Could contain: Book, Publication, Advertisement, Poster, Text

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Looks like this was addressed, but it is still not working properly. Caption ordering doesn’t just show one thumbnail image as before, but it still doesn’t show the correct order. Example:

This is the album display which works fine:

Could contain: Page, Text, Publication, Book, File

Image names use leading zeros: 00001r3.jpg, 00002r3.jpg, 00003r3.jpg …

But when I open an image, it’s positioned at the very end of the thumbnail list with the rest of the thumbnails coming from the end of the album. 

Could contain: Book, Publication, Diary, Text

Captions shown here are: 
00541r3.jpg, 00544r3.jpg, 00545r3.jpg, 00546r3.jpg, 00001r3.jpg
In other words, it’s all wrong. It should show 00001r3.jpg, 00002r3.jpg, 00003r3.jpg


Another example with short file names like 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg …

Could contain: Advertisement, Poster, Page, Text, Person

But when I open the first image, it is actually shown in the middle(!) …

Could contain: Paper, Text, Advertisement, Poster

The file names shown here are: 13.jpg, 14.jpg, 15.jpg, 16.jpg, 02.jpg, 17.jpg, 18.jpg, 19.jpg, 20.jpg
Expected would be 02.jpg, 03.jpg, 04.jpg. 

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