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Theme update help

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Hi Team,
I have been staring at this update and have been nervous to try and push it through.
Sometimes software updates break more than they fix/help.

Could contain: Text

Today I clicked it and figured maybe I should give it a go...

When I click it I am met with the following message.
Could contain: Text, Electronics

I then click GET SUPPORT.
And see the following.
Could contain: File, Text, Webpage


Logs states:
Could contain: Text

If I click disable Third Party APPS. I see the following
Could contain: Text


I am not sure where to go and what to do...
Is there a fee I can pay to have this fixed by tech support for me?
Happy to pay for professional help.


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I see you use Ehren's theme. The latest version of the themes is compatible with 4.7.1 and you must have IPS 4.7.1 to use the theme.

In general, in case of Ehren's themes always a theme and IPS software should share the same version unless it is clearly stated by the author that no updates are required.

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Agreed, update your IPS version and you should be good to go. No need to pay anyone, easy peezy. I have Ehren's themes too, and as stated his version themes typically mimic the theme version number of IPS, unless he specifically states no upgrade needed. In this case you do need to upgrade your community to work with the current theme you have. 🙂

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I went to run the 4.7.1 IPS update and got this.
Could contain: Text, Business Card, Paper


Prior to running the update it flagged certain text changes that were custom changes to the template theme.
I changed the Heading tabs from the "stock" words to my custom tabs.
Not sure how that can fudge it up?

But something isn't happy.

Any ideas?

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