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Remove + Create ▼ link in header?

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16 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Then disable the calendar application, or restrict access to it?

How can I disable it? I tried removing permissions for all, but the "create" button remains. Do I have to uninstall the app?

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20 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

There is no way in which to remove that without customisation to your theme. To note however, this is not just for events. Its for the creation of any content item, including topics

Thank you. I'll customize the CSS then, no problem, just wanted to make sure that was the way to handle it. Since there's a big "Start new topic" button a few pixels below I feel that link is redundant for my site.

1 minute ago, Marc Stridgen said:

You would go to System>Site Featureds>Applications and click "Enabled" next to the calendar application if you wish to just disable that application

Ok I don't know how I didn't see it, I was just on that page trying everything. 🤦‍♂️

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30 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

You can also probably hide via custom CSS ( li cCreate ).

Thank you (and thanks to @Nathan Explosion). Because there's also a separator right after that "Create" link that I also wanted to hide I ended up using this: 

/* Hide "Create" link next to bell and letter icons in the header */
li#cCreate li#cCreate+li.elUserNav_sep {


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