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Custom Feed Blocks not using their existing Templates

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I have been a little AWOL for the last year and so I haven't upgraded a lot recently. I went ahead and did an upgrade from 4.6.9 to 4.6.11 beta 1 to settle down and get looking around.

I fixed my template issue with global template but once that was resolved I noted that none of my blocks (which all use customized templates) are using their code in any way shape or form which is totally screwing up a lot of things.


(Please note this is with the default theme but even here I shouldn't see half of this information) With its custom template it should look something like this:



What it appears to be doing on all of my custom record feed templates is just outputting the default feed template which is recordrow.


  • I've cleared site cache.
  • I've re-saved the block with its custom code.
  • I have verified that the code is correct in the block settings.

Not sure where to go from here. Thanks.

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Yes. Updated my password just in case it was out of date.

That one in particular is 3 blocks within a block so it may be easier to look at recent-news block which should be a carousel but if you want to look at the specifically screenshotted ones:

Outer block: {block="requests-station"}
Inner blocks:



For reference if you want to choose the easier one:
What it should look like:image.thumb.png.c57b87868ca7b3ae1aa94f553630b64d.png

What it does look like:


I put both sets of blocks on a test page for you:

So that you can view it in the IPS Support Theme which is my uncustomized theme. Things will disappear as there is a lot of CSS that goes into both but I determined it doesn't have the code because on the front end in Developer Tools they just don't exists.


Thanks @Jim M

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Hate to piggy-back off this thread, but would this keep Custom Block with simple code from appearing completely? I've been trying to figure out why some of my custom blocks with html/php are not showing at all.

I have a simple Custom Block with simple link & image code.  The block will not show up on either my custom theme or the default IPS theme.

Block Name: 
Upgrade Now

  <br><a href="https://vpuniverse.com/subscriptions/"><img src="http://vpuniverse.com/uploads/pages_media/SubscribeToday.png"></a> 

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