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Website Lagging Intermittingly

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Dear support folks. Since last week our community has about 2 to 4 minutes of lag time loading about every 10 to 15 minutes sometimes it never loads. Also we noticed that some topics and posts can't be "reacted" with, we get this error:


I contacted our hosting service and here is what they found. And it's kind of over my head at this point. The last paragraph is funny because I had provided that information before, and that is how I got this reply.


Hello again,

I apologize for any and all inconvenience. Though some issues may require a developer to fix, we'll be happy to take a look!

There appear to be quite a few hits to CPU & I/O which could cause a slow down on the websites on the hosting account. They appear to be coming from the primary domain's ~/public_html/index.php file. With most CMS systems, nearly all scripts/processes are funneled through index.php including any extensions and themes, so it can be difficult to narrow down where it's coming from. More information can be found inside cPanel > METRICS > Resource Usage > Details and Snapshots. There were quite a bit of processes occurring at the same time during the momentary spikes.

Per Resource Usage:
You have reached the limits within the past 24 hours
You have reached the entry processes (the number of simultaneously running PHP and CGI scripts, as well as cron jobs and shell sessions) limit 68 times
I/O usage resources limit was reached for your site

If you notice a specific event or action taken that may be causing the noticeable lag, please provide detailed step-by-step directions on how we may duplicate the issue including full error texts, related URLs, and any required credentials. We will not be as familiar with your website/application as you are so the more detail provided the better we may investigate.

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated folks!

PS, I did delete the cron job they were referring too and found nothing changed.

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Whats your hosting ? Shared Server ? VPS ? im guessing not dedicated

Your hitting your resources limits so you need to upgrade to better hosting either with the same hosting provider or a new one - if your on shared then consider a VPS, if your on a VPS consider a bigger better VPS or a dedicated

Or change to Invision Hosting and have all your hosting troubles go way

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You do have a number of third party applications/plugins and a custom theme. You may wish to give yourself a base line to rule out these items. 

Looking in your system log, I am seeing a lot of write errors which may be related to the I/O limits and slow down which your host mentioned.

I do not see anything that sticks out here as it may just be a limits issue.

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We had a member use dev tools to look at our page during a lagging period, he pulled this up, he stated it was throwing errors.


Would this cause the lagging? I don't understand why we are associated with cdn, all our files are served locally.

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That file is hosted on Cloudflare, a CDN.  It's not hosted on your server, it's somewhere else and remotely called.  It's not a normal IPB file.  If that file is being called, my assumption is you're using a 3rd party theme or plugin that is using it.

I would not expect it to be the cause of the slowdown (it not being on your server helps keep your website usage down because its hosted somewhere else).  However IPS won't be able to help with it because it's a 3rd party resource.  

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On 1/10/2022 at 9:31 AM, JohnCourt said:

Thanks guys, disabling third party items I'll do for now, to see if the lagging is coming from any of those. Thanks again.

Ok folks, @Marc Stridgen, disabling specific third party apps and plugins appeared to have resolved this issue, my community is purring along now as light speed page loads, 🙂

Some were outdated and the dev has not updated them as of yet. But really at this point, being without them seems to be fine, we adapt well.

Thanks for your feedback!

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