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  1. That was just an example, the ones you have are too limited and pretty useless, so perhaps expand them for a wider choice. I don t do Face book and very few know my first pets name, my first school, my first car etc
  2. I clicked to opt out as the questions are so limited i could only use one that was true that i would remember. Please add some more decent questions. Perhaps like First Pets Name First Childs Name Your mothers maiden name Where did you go to college / Uni etc etc
  3. Try active reports rather than Alpha & Beta - that looks closed
  4. @CodingJungle's Duplicate Memer Logger is excellent for IPS4.x
  5. Its a php error i think causing nginx to give me a 500 error - acp logs show the links files as the problem - can i pm you the acp system log errors ?
  6. Not sure if your interested (maybe ? :-) ) but links 5.0.2 running on PHP7 and the latest .14.3 beta - gets an nginx 500 error when i go to links directory - It was working on php5.6 though and a .12 version
  7. Nikon D3 myself and the dream team FX lenses as on Kens website
  8. Bouncer worked flawlessly with 3.4.x for me and that included when Mandril changed to paid accounts only.
  9. Duplicate member logger is really good, used to use it on 3.4.x, must buy the 4.1.x version now
  10. @Adriano Faria Another switch maybe in ACP ? I like this idea as well
  11. @Adriano Faria Thanks. When promoting does it give you the option to select which category to promote to within the db ?
  12. Question, it says promote only first post, is this optional (before i buy) as in can you promote and promote all posts below first post ?
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