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Help customize meta tags

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I want to make a custom meta description in Pages > Record

I tried using code and it didn't work, how do I provide the following data in tag...

  • Article title
  • Field > template key

Tried something like this but the codes don't work



Any tips?

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1 hour ago, 403 - Forbiddeen said:

Maybe this will help you : 

Working fine with 4.6.x


See my source code: view-source:https://ggames.com.br/files/file/3405-trainer-police-stories-mrantifun/




That's not quite what I want to do

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  • Solution
20 hours ago, Hisashi said:

Any tips?

The meta tags can be overridden from any Pages template used to render the current page. You can add variables there as well. 

{{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTagsTitle = "Whatever ".$something ;}}
{{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['og:description'] = "Something else" ;}}

You can put that into the record template for example. 

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27 minutes ago, opentype said:
{{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['og:description'] = "Something else" ;}}


That's exactly what I was looking for!

I just had a little problem, it doesn't allow me to use template key field, an error appears, do you know how to solve it?


How do I want it to look for example:

{{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['og:description'] = "Read more about {$record->_title}. By {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('author', 'raw')|raw}" ;}}

It is not accepting customFieldDisplayByKey

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