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  • The colors of the ProgressBar
  • The icon in the secondary menu has been corrected.


Add new:

  • The ability to turn on the appearing icon "Jump up"
  • 265132612_2020-12-1709_45_53-Window.png.3261b1b1fb5179c7da7b1903ad5db2fe.png
  • Possibility to choose the appearance of the Quoted content in the topic.
  • 484414349_2020-12-1709_45_15-Window.thumb.png.8e68457bde4792d483977633d4e7368f.png
  • Option to choose the appearance of the Recent Posts widget.
  • 1240233360_2020-12-1709_44_29-Window.png.ce66f098b74af9922b0cefb54eeb63a1.png
  • Possibility to choose the position of the icon in the menu.
  • 457172153_2020-12-1709_43_51-Window.png.262356abb28ec13b71df5adc57d6774b.png


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  • The color change script has been rebuilt using "ips.utils"
  • Logo improved.
  • Fixed advertisements in sticky mode.
  • The appearance of categories in the pages application has been improved.


Add new:

  • Possibility to include social networks on the right or left.
  • 718201417_2020-12-2314_13_55-Window.png.a90cab8bfc84fc824c4b0d45685976b5.png
  • Social title added.
  • 758522525_2020-12-2314_13_46-Window.png.72b38f3537ba21a321c0c02da23648fa.png
  • Steam added to the social list.
  • Discord added to the social list.
  • The ability to sort sliders has been added.
  • 1779810061_2020-12-2314_13_31-Window.png.ff43932e3e50761b7a6bb1a4b19cce1f.png
  • Added new file for client to edit colors and values in light / dark templates in the form of vars "codebite__nexxe_vars.css"
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Hot Fixed: 

  • Removed pulsation animations in guns, causing lag on the page.
  • Fixed Quotes and Spoiler.
  • Removed bars from the statistics in the user's profile on the mobile version.
  • Fixed submenu.
  • A green outline has been added around the login person's avatar.
  • Fixed social sticky.
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1 minute ago, David Lim said:

Hello, we're facing an issue using Nexxe with SuperGrid where the images aren't showing up while on the Nexxe theme.

Plugins used: SuperGrid, Nexxe Theme

With default theme:



With Nexxe theme:

May we get some assistance please?


Send me a link to your website with this subpage on PW, I will check what is caused by it.

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Hot Add:

  • A new option has been added in the template settings, now you can add icons in the menu without installing the application.
  • W8rgrZU.png
  • Widget icons updated. 
  • Updated the color of "Widget Last Post Design option" and "Quote Design option" (Default Option (B)) on the light color version.


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Hot Fix:

  • The ability to use an application that displays icons in the menu or to manually display icons using template settings has been added.


Hot Add:

  • You can choose a new look of the user profile in the topic.
  • Added the ability to enable a sticky user profile in the topic.
  • fIDMxGh.png

Hot Fix:

  • Fixed a bug with disabling the dual color version.
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On 7/12/2021 at 7:15 AM, CodeBite said:


On pages created by pages? No. I will have a free moment and check if it can be added.

Hopefully it's possible! I'm also curious if there is a way to disable the loading bar at the top. I understand why it's there but I'd prefer to give the illusion that the page is fully loaded rather than show that it's taking a bit longer than the default theme.

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Whats New:

  • Added the ability to enable a sticky sidebar - ( ( Nexxe ) Widgets )
  • Option to disable "Progress bar loading page" - ( ( Nexxe ) Global Settings )
  • Made changes to the sticky topbar.
  • A new option has been added "Body Background Images - Attachment" - ( ( Nexxe ) Background )
  • New option with the choice of a new look for statistics in the forum sections.
  •    -  Layout of statistics in departments ( Option B ) - ( ( Nexxe ) Forums ) 👇
  • spacer.png

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40 minutes ago, GillyMe said:

Hi, I think there is an issue where you can not view images when you are using this widget "Recent Status Updates" only text shows up.

The widget itself display text only, and to show any images or links that were shared on Status update by any member you must visit their profile in order to see them.

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