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  1. This is by far the best theme I've used since 2013, but I have a question: I only want the sidebar to appear on the homepage of the forums. Is it possible to move or remove the side bar where the posts are located because it takes up wayyyyy to much room and it's not even remotely informative or necessary. This may be part of their great update, but at this point I wish I hadn't upgraded to 4.5 --  I'm willing to pay to have that side bar moved because I can't even edit the information which is contained in it. Thank you, k1014@yahoo.com


    1. CodeBite


      Do you mean these popular day, posted images?

      You can't accidentally set it in P@?

    2. Colonelkillabee


      I too wish to remove the sidebar entirely. I hate having features like that forced on you without the option to remove them.

  2. Hello do you offer custom customization service for your acme theme?

  3. 👉1.0.23 Fixed a bug with the forum submenu moved. 👉1.0.24 Bug with support colors has been corrected. 👉1.0.25 Update new version IPS 4.5 👉1.0.26 Color corrections.
  4. Oh okay, now I understand, in my free time I will think about it and work.
  5. As for this bar informing about the new post, I can clearly add and do it in my free time, what about these boxes can you send me a screen what exactly is going on?
  6. Hello, i buy futureskill theme how i can configure and  run server list on homepage? 



    1. CodeBite


      You need to connect it to some application and display it using pages. It is currently in the form of html and css.

  7. 👉1.0.22 New action icons in topics, update introduced at the customer's request @James101
  8. Change for the better, keep up the good work;)
  9. Very cool when finally the update xD
  10. Version 1.0.5


    🚨FutureSkill Theme Stand out! This template gives you such an opportunity. Fully responsive, adapted to the latest IPS version, effective and designed for the latest. Permanent support - Write me a private message and you will receive the rank of customer on the codebite.dev/ips (click) View demo (click) Username: demo Password: youthemedemo
  11. 👉1.0.20 Template encoding has been improved to improve plugins / applications.
  12. ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.19 Fixes related to template mobility.
  13. ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.18 Update introduced at the customer's request @pr0chu The code icon was rebuilt and repaired. Avatar of recent posts has been fixed. Position of icons in topics has been fixed. I am not going to attend Black Friday. People who had previously bought the template would be harmed.
  14. ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.17 Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh Added "Category title Font-Size" to the "Forum nodes" tab.
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