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  1. @CircaCitadel On pages created by pages? No. I will have a free moment and check if it can be added.
  2. ⚡ Whats New: Warning background improved. A new option Button click animation has been added.
  3. Version 1.1.0


    💎ErrorHead Theme ( IPS version 4.5 ) Stand out! This template gives you such an opportunity. Fully responsive, adapted to the latest IPS version, effective and designed for the latest. Permanent support - Write me a private message and you will receive the rank of customer on the codebite.dev/ips (click) View demo (click) Username: demo Password: demo
  4. ⚡ Hot Fix: The ability to use an application that displays icons in the menu or to manually display icons using template settings has been added. Hot Add: You can choose a new look of the user profile in the topic. Added the ability to enable a sticky user profile in the topic. ⚡ Hot Fix: Fixed a bug with disabling the dual color version.
  5. ⚡ Hot Add: A new option has been added in the template settings, now you can add icons in the menu without installing the application. Widget icons updated. Updated the color of "Widget Last Post Design option" and "Quote Design option" (Default Option (B)) on the light color version.
  6. ⚡1.0.4 Fixed: Sidebar code improved. ⚡ Hotfix: Fixed bug with installation installation.
  7. ⚡ Fixed: Corrected text color in the search input. Fixed new reaction look. ⚡ Fixed: The mobile menu has been improved.
  8. ⚡ Fixed: Fixed shadow after hitting the search engine.
  9. ⚡ News: Rebuilt, menu and fixed submenu bug. Fixed the outline of online avatars.
  10. ⚡ Hot Fix: Fixed a bug in cooperation with @David Lim
  11. ⚡ Add new: New look for reactions in topics. Light code fixes.
  12. Send me a link to your website with this subpage on PW, I will check what is caused by it.
  13. ⚡ Add new: The ability to disable the outline of a logged in user has been added. Added the ability, changes and settings to the background page.
  14. ⚡ Add new: ProgressBar has been added to load the page "pace" Colors have been improved.
  15. ⚡ Hot Fixed: Removed pulsation animations in guns, causing lag on the page. Fixed Quotes and Spoiler. Removed bars from the statistics in the user's profile on the mobile version. Fixed submenu. A green outline has been added around the login person's avatar. Fixed social sticky.
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