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When will we have "Go to top" button on this site?

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Reason for asking is that some PC's don't have "Home" button anymore, and it is really annoying not having that button on the page on this site. Most of the forums I visit have installed a plugin that fixes this and that is great, but why not here and why not as part of the software as default?

The new shortcut I need to remember ob this laptop is: Home = Fn + Left Arrow, End = Fn + Right Arrow


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I think the trend in forum design, maybe even in UX in general, is to declutter as much as possible.

I for one don't miss that function on old forums. In fact, I always thought it was a little weird, since you can just scroll/page up or use a keyboard shortcut to get to the top or bottom.

Remember when forums listed in the footer the number of queries executed?

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28 minutes ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

do not have that button - ref first post also

Yeah, that's why I mentioned a desktop with keyboard - the same applies in the opposite direction pressing end takes you to the bottom of the page, whilst page up/down moves one screen at a time, but you do need a keyboard with those keys. This was the reason why that function was removed - not sure if that was the right call, but hey ho that's what was done.

There are, as @Adriano Faria stated some plugins to do that if you want that function on your own site, likewise there are some themes in the marketplace that have that feature too.

It's something that people have been asking for for some while, especially people who use mobiles or tablets.  Maybe one day it may emerge from the annals of time lol.

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I personally keep a literal sticky note with commands I use a lot and am trying to remember. Most of these are specific to software I'm using, not general shortcuts.

Also, like a lot of other people, I much, much prefer keyboard shortcuts to mouse movements (as the latter is much slower).

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On 5/8/2021 at 10:13 AM, Adriano Faria said:

There are at least 2 resources here on IPS marketplace to do it, no need to download it elsewhere. The OP is requesting the button here on IPS community and not on his site.


i am very interested to implement the "back to top" function, because many of my menber wants this. But i cant download the file on this link (no permissions)

Where can i get this function? I didnt found this on the marketplace.

Thank you very much.

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