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1) yes

2) yes, just use the IPS modules permissions to allow only admins to see the page, same with the menu manager where you’re able to control who’ll see the Navbar link

3) it’s just download it from the marketplace and follow the instructions in your ACP on the applications - install page 

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I have a quick question. I have the app installed and it appears to be working. 🙂 A couple questions...

1. It looks like there's an option to delete posts but instead of deleting the posts in the list of unanswered topics, it actually deletes the post itself. Any way to make it so that it'll give you the option of one or the other or both/

2. I set it up so only administrators can see it. The problem is if I login as a member, the tab is still there but when you click on it, it says you don't have sufficient rights. That's okay but it would be even better if the tab itself didn't exist for user levels that don't have access. That way they don't think there's something broken or something they're missing out on. I hope tha makes sense! Thanks @Fosters

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@Fosters a couple quick ideas and questions!

1. Our app is only active for admins. If you're not an admin, it still shows the link up top but when you click on it, it says you don't have the rights to see it. It would be better if the button itself wouldn't even be an option so people don't think something is broken. Does that make sense I hope?

2. There may be a thread that has replies but is it possible for the app to include a thread (even though it has replies) where they tagged me but I didn't reply? Sometimes an active thread will be going on where I get tagged but still forget to reply (even though other people do). It would be super cool to have these results included so that I don't miss anything. Hope that makes sense!

3. Is it possible to delete items from this list but not delete them from the forum itself? We have many threads where I give instructions but nobody replies. I don't want to delete the post from the forum, just exclude it from this particular list.

4. This one is a bit of a stretch. We have 14 pages of posts with no replies. I'm guessing some folks gave up and cancelled their memberships. It would be cool to be able to sort the results based on active memberships. This way I can reply knowing the person is still a member w/o having to manually go back and check. Not sure if that's even possible but would be pretty cool!

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On 9/23/2020 at 8:14 PM, Justin Stellman said:

@Fosters Just curious if you got my last message and wondering about the other questions I had! Thank you!! 🙂


Sorry, your last two points aren’t possible and I’m really not sure if it’s worth to add now topics with replies with specific tags to the list here, that’s kind of out of the scope of this app.

On 9/25/2020 at 10:45 PM, Anawa said:

Could you add an option to not show pinned/locked/hidden topics in the list?

This was added for the next release 

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