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  1. Suggestion: Add IP.Pages Blocks as Footer Elements
  2. How many people are still using this and are interested into continued support? It's just much easier, faster and cheaper for us to use the existing code base and installation:) I've hired a dev to implement some missing features and fix few critical bugs and now we're interested to see if there are more people in our position and if it's worth to release new features and fixes as new applications and plugins ( which would be totally legal because it's only extending the existing code instead of copying it)
  3. Could you add the member criteria box also to group promotions? I love the criteria system and use it a lot to move members to other groups when they get a trophy, but it would be much better if we could just use the group promotion system without a trophy. Something like And do you have any plans to award points when somebody earns a trophy?
  4. It’s replacing the default button with a custom button with an „ submit application“ button and redirecting it to the application form.
  5. We’re using https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8394-staff-application-forms-contact-us-etc-10-off/ which handles this automatically
  6. Thanks for including the fix to hide deleted posts, what about a node selector to show only topics from specific forums?
  7. Is there a way to get a notification when somebody visits a broken link?
  8. I'm using the Clubs Block to show all my blocks on my homepage, but there's no way to sort them by title. Could you please add this.
  9. I want to allow club owners to create own FAQ sections in their clubs.
  10. Suggestion: Auto Welcome Members via a PM, Topic or notification when joining a club.
  11. Suggestion: Send an Email when a trophy is awarded. Replacement variables to insert the members name and link to his profile to the PM and Email ( see above)
  12. We’re using it has quite a lot of great stuff
  13. Can I show a notice inside a club? Can the club admin create notices?
    Thank you for this application. Sorting groups, Member List, Group Icons, allowing members to choose the groups, everything out of the box with this application, and last but not least, the permission matrix is my favourite feature.
    Thank you very much for this application. There's now finally a way for our moderators to find all the unanswered topics.
  14. @Fosters any interested into coding this for telegram?
  15. I'm also searching for something like https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8373-slack-notifications/ but for telegram.
  16. Amazing app:) Would it be possible to add the member related tags similar to bulk mails to the editor to personalize the private message and email?
  17. Can I embed a form into an IP Pages Page?
  18. This is collapsing with the ACP Page Manager. When the plugin is enabled, all ACP links to the frontend pages link to the landing page.
  19. Suggestion: Automatically add and remove members to clubs depending on their member groups.
  20. Is there a way to show the description of the group somewhere here? Probably next to the group name or when one hovers over the checkbox
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