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Converting to IPB4 from VB4


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Hi Everyone,

We are looking to convert to IPB4 from VB4 (And a handful of custom modifications).


  • I'm doing a test conversion on localhost and notice that IPB does not maintain vbulletin's native thread/post ID's. Since many of our modifications rely on grabbing the thread ID, would it be possible to do a conversion and force IPB to maintain the same thread ID's?

    Or, would it be possible to create some sort of log that tracks what VB thread ID's were converted to which IPB thread ID's? For example, VB thread ID "48" was converted to IPB thread ID "30" (that way could create a script to convert all of the data for compatibility)

  • We have over a million "attachments" and the converter is doing about 10 every second or two (meaning it would take about 3 - 4 days for it to complete). Is that normal?

Thank you!

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1) It is not possible to maintain the original IDs, but yes we do maintain a mapping table. Within the database, the tables would be convert_link, convert_link_posts, convert_link_topics and convert_link_pms. You can look up the foreign ID for the appropriate type and then grab the local ID to remap.

2) The speed of converting attachments is dependent upon a few factors, but yes this process can be slow overall. We have to take the files and move them to the new location, and then we also have to grab some details in some cases (such as filesize and dimensions for images). All in all, a large number of attachments may take some time to convert. 3-4 days seems extreme to me, however, but without knowing the server specifications, types of files and so on it's hard for me to comment on that specifically.

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Welcome to Invision Community! 

If you haven't seen the guide already, we have a blog post about other Vbulletin admins who switched.  It sounds like you're already well on your way planning your conversion, but the guide might be helpful to read some other insights.  


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No, we've always reindexed IDs. It's simply not possible to retain the original IDs. By default you will have member_id 1 for the user that installed Invision Community, for instance, which is probably the admin account you are running the converter under - but what happens if you have member_id 1 in your remote database that needs to be converted?

We have always reindexed the ids, and maintained a mapping (so that we can redirect the old URLs to the new URLs).

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3 hours ago, Thomas P said:

I am not sure about members but it was possible for content, please check here:

and in support ticket #823347 

We went this route in 2012, so that's why I am curious if this is not possible anymore as it was in the past.

Oh wow, that was a long time ago. That change was only in place for a very short amount of time, I can't recall whether it was ever released publicly or was just released for a short time. 

It hasn't been possible since then though, and it's very unlikely to be possible in a future version. We have a far more robust redirect system in place to deal with the difference in IDs now. (Don't forget, that even if you had the same ID, there would still be a redirect to send the request to the right URL).

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