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  1. Thank you for the response. It has been running non-stop with the exception of having to restart my computer a couple times. I'd say at least 2 weeks of it was processing attachments (we have millions of them - mostly photos), and it would take about 20 seconds to go through 10 of them...
  2. We're converting from VB and doing a test first to make sure the end result looks good. We started this process over a month ago and the conversion is still processing. Right now the "Processing RebuildContent" is on day 4 or so of close to ~4 million posts. This conversion test is being done locally on XAMPP, with 64GB RAM and an i9-7960X, and neither are being taxed (CPU is at 10%, Memory at 16% usage). I can't imagine our server(s) would be much faster. My question is, is there any way to speed this process up? It seems like hardware isn't really the problem. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thank you
  3. Thank you for the responses. I was looking in the wrong place. For future readers, the right place is in the main dashboard at the bottom, where you can manually run the "background processes".
  4. Any idea what task this would be? I manually ran every "Task" within the CP, each reported "Task ran successfully" and showed the time it was last ran, but none of the posts are formatted. Still have to edit and save for both converted BB code as well as attachments. Thank you
  5. Hi Everyone, We are looking to convert to IPB4 from VB4 (And a handful of custom modifications). Questions: I'm doing a test conversion on localhost and notice that IPB does not maintain vbulletin's native thread/post ID's. Since many of our modifications rely on grabbing the thread ID, would it be possible to do a conversion and force IPB to maintain the same thread ID's? Or, would it be possible to create some sort of log that tracks what VB thread ID's were converted to which IPB thread ID's? For example, VB thread ID "48" was converted to IPB thread ID "30" (that way could create a script to convert all of the data for compatibility) We have over a million "attachments" and the converter is doing about 10 every second or two (meaning it would take about 3 - 4 days for it to complete). Is that normal? Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the responses, that makes sense!
  7. I'm doing a test conversion with XAMPP on my computer (localhost) and I notice the BBCode is not being converted (from vBulletin 4.2.2.) The BBCode is being displayed as plain text, like: [B]This is supposed to be bolded, but the BBCode shows up instead[/B] What's weird is if I click "edit" on a post with BBCode, then save it, it fixes everything. The same problem is occurring with line breaks/paragraphs. None of that shows until I edit and save the post.
  8. According to IPS's migration tool, VB 4.x supports 301 redirects during the migration process. My questions are: 1) Are these for the "friendly" URL's I'm currently using or just the basic vBulletin URL structure that I'm not using (IOW, is it going to only 301 redirect links that I don't even use?) 2) Do I need to set/develop my new IPS FURL structure before or after migration?
  9. I tried that and it turned my links to look something like this if I remember right: http://mydomain.com/index.php/mydomain.com/index.php?=forumblah blah blah - so it was like appending a redirect onto my domain. I simply wanted it to be a clean url like "/pictures/ but it demanded I have an actual URL In the box. It also doesn't allow for custom CSS rules so therefor the icon issue is still present. I ended up removing all the "Navbar" related template calls in the template leaving just my custom navbar.
  10. Several reasons I didn't do that: 1) The forum has custom CSS icons above each link, that are unique to each link, etc. 2) For whatever reason you can't set a specific forum link as a navbar links. So if I want "Home, Forum 1, Forum 2, Bookmarks" as my navbar I can't do that. I have browser cache disabled permanently. That's irrelevant regardless, as it has nothing to do with caches. There's no menu, so it adds itself.
  11. Super annoying menu manager bug: I remove the all of the menus from the Menu manager (I'm using a custom navbar and don't want anything from IPS's menu manager there). So I delete both menus/their children menus. "Publish this menu". Then, I wake up the next morning, and the menu is back. Again, I have to go in and delete the menu. I also notice upon updating the Forum application it automatically adds the default menus even though I deleted them.
  12. Using VBSEO with VB4.X Does IPB have a way of doing 301 redirects from old content to new so I don't completely ruin my search engine rankings?
  13. I registered on the preview site via Facebook and it took like 4 minutes to figure out where it is I could change my username from my real name. Any ability to have username chosen during the social registration process so users who don't want their real name being used can do so, without going on a safari? Also, it automatically takes the user's facebook profile pic and header, again having to figure out where to change all that was a huge pain. I can see people easily being pissed off by that. Would seem much more practical to have those checkbox options during registration than having to dig through settings to enable/disable that.
  14. Is there any released documentation thus far? For example, can we remove the pointless /topic/ section? It's not a directory/leads to nothing - there's no real use for it.
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