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Warning System not select correct message text


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29 minutes ago, pequeno said:

Nobody else with this problem?

I just did a test warning and it worked then did a second test and worked again... maybe your installation or update did not go thru.

Run the Support and see if anything wrong with your site.... ACP > Support > What do you need help with? > Something isn't working correctly

Good Luck

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If someone can give a clue as to where the problem is, I'll thank you. Support for now has not been solved.

The tests carried out:

  • Ads will be disabled.
  • Plugin and applications were disabled.
  • It was tested with the default theme without modifications.
  • Cloudflare is deactivated
  • I tested with different browsers and different Internet connections
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I don't know if this is exactly the same issue as you, but some of my mods have reported since the recent updates that they'll fill out a warning with a predefined reason selected, but after they hit send, the warning has been cleared out with only the default reason selection text there and any attachments that were uploaded.  All the other content is deleted.

We have a dummy warning reason set first that states "Please select a reason above..." to help guide moderators to do that first before attempting to type inside of the text box.  That dummy reason text is what shows up instead of the actual reason selected prior to sending.  We don't really know what's causing it either.

It doesn't happen every time, and I thought maybe it was due to browser extensions, but even after disabling everything and running tests without third party content, the issue still happens at random. (As far as we know it's random.)

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Hello, IPS support found a solution:


We've identified the issue that's causing this problem, and will be working on a fix. Unfortunately it's unlikely the fix will make it into our next release since that's already in beta, so it'll be the release after that (probably 4.4.4).

In the meantime, I've worked around the problem on your site by replacing the IPS emoticons in your warning messages with the native emoji versions. The problem is caused by lazy loading images in the member info editor, and so using native emoji bypasses this and allows it to work correctly. I hope that workaround is ok with you.


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