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Discord Chat Room + IPS


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Hi there everyone,

Is anyone using an embedded Discord widget combined with an IPS login bridge as a chat room option for members?

How is it working for your community?  Advantages / disadvantages?

My main concern is that it will take traffic away from my site. 

If you could share your website so I can see this in the flesh that would be brilliant ;)  

Otherwise, any suggestions would be awesome.  I have tried a few different chat systems, Babble is working best so far.

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Hi! We are a storytelling style gaming site so not overly worried about site traffic. We use Discord for an on-site chat as well as people being able to join our Discord server. In addition, I use the Discord Integration application from the IPS Marketplace to send posts to specific Discord channels on our server. Everyone seems to like it.

The Discord app on the site was set up using the Titan bot.

Site URL: http://www.sagaswildwest.com/

I am very low-tech so if I can set it up, you know it's easy.

Best Regards

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I use Widgetbot.io and embed it on my website. It works very well. I've personally clung to Teamspeak for years and as Discord has grown in popularity, my website has suffered. Whereas, in the past, websites generated traffic to your Teamspeak, now it's the opposite. Discord can help drive traffic to your website through the use of Webhooks and it's API. I use the webhooks to grab announcements and automatically post them in a discord channel. People can read an excerpt or click the link that takes them directly to the website. I'm retiring my Teamspeak as of October 2018.



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Teamspeak isn't dead, and at least publishes their business model. If I had to guess, Discord will eventually sell to another company that will then monetize servers. You can only go so far with venture capital funds without a way to make money to keep the lights on. 


Teamspeak still has an API that allows you to publish data to your TS server. And as above, you can make the viewer look pretty. 

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