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  1. Nevermind, appears to be an issue when the teamspeak server is on the same server as the web server. When changing the IP to everything works as expected.
  2. Hey @Ahmad E., I got since yesterday (I finally upgraded the application) a frequent error popping up in the system log: But... it's a ts3 instance, and when I check the connection test, all is fine. Do you get an idea whats causing it? Greetings
  3. I've run into the same issue recently: Any ETA when this is fixed? As I am the third reporting this now it appears to not be server related, except and package updates has caused that what I do not believe. Greetings
  4. Hey, I'm getting this during the database installation: Any idea? Greetings
  5. To extend the information "Modern browsers provide a mechanism for storing persistent data", here is a list of the supported browsers: Chrome 4.0 + Internet Explorer 8.0 + FireFox 3.5 + Safari 4.0 + Opera 11.5 + There is a polyfill that extend the comopatibility back to: Internet Explorer 5.0 + FireFox 3.0 + Opera 9.0 + https://github.com/mortzdk/localStorage
  6. Okay, thats pretty interesting. You only need to maek sure to people who actually have this languages, that they dont use the plugin or disable at least the regex I like free plugins, because i like to browser through things and how they are solved. Im not interested into using them How does it come that the IPB Spam service isnt gripping into that? I'm not sure, but that kind of spam should be detected, a new member with 4 posts+ within 7 minutes. Thats basically always spam and should be at least flagged. However in the screenshots you could also simply match the display name Well i thought its the automated name, but the irony in that is still funny Nice work, keep it up
  7. Generally sounds like a great plugin, once i got time i will look into it. And i like that you told the truth about the remaining spam, i think thats pretty interesting how you want to achieve this with a regex. Could you give more information how you plan to integrate it? Is it some kind of irony that your forum name is 'Spam Happy'?
  8. Hey, i got a small request if that is possible. When im adding collabs, many of the owners for the collabs want to have a great looking and easy domain to access the collab directly. Is it possible to integrate a friendly url to single collabs, like it is done for blogs as example. Regards
  9. So im actually required reinstalling, or did I missunderstand that? So far everything is fine for me. Probably im not used to add a lot yet, we have only 3 categories and 5 tutorials :-)
  10. amazing. Will try, thanks for the info.
  11. Just got another point which would be interesting. Is there a point/idea integrate 'Pages' add on? You got support for nearly every application, but 'Pages' would be really interesting for a lot of my collabriations and planed collabriations. I used to have different gaming communities under the collabriation tab, most of them want also statspages, it could be made barely easy with the pages application. Im also unknown if it was requested or not. But would be maybe a great addition :-) Regards
  12. I would like to request an option to make user roles colored. Im not sure if that was already requested. But as on the normal forum, GC Forums should have also colored names, that would enhance the view a lot within the GC. However, in all, a great feature. Regards
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