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  1. My bad, you are right. That's amazing. Thanks 🙂
  2. Hey, I tried using the club feature but i abandoned it right after. I have an issue tracking any topics or news posted in clubs, mainly because i am not a fan of the activity stream and i rarely use it to be honest. I am using the fluid view of forums. It would be nice having some kind of integration of club forums into the fluid view for forums. Greetings
  3. Thanks, this is exactly what i thought sadly. Thanks, I've checked it, it appears that the information is in my case not that handy to get. It would be stupid fetching the whole club members in case I want to check whether a player is in the club or not. I guess I will try to modify the rest API for a user. Is there any documentation / recommendation to extend existing routes of the rest api, without touching core files? I've wondered that already a while back, but I could not find anything about it. Greetings
  4. Hey, so I have run into an issue overall, maybe I have a wrong idea in mind but, just want to confirm that I'm not missing anything. Generally my result is this: I have a club that is closed, one club member is able to invite further members The club members have a privileg in another application with another database I use OAuth to authorize the user and gain the member id and some other data like groups I save the whole data, where the other application has access on to gain the user information and prefereable if they are in the club Now my issue is, I want to have also the information if a player is in the club. So here are my questions: Am I correct that there is no REST API for the Clubs? I want to assure that I did not miss that out, but I think the REST Reference is autogenerated from the backend. Am I correct that moving the "closed section" to member groups and permissions requires, the group that could promote others, having access to the admin cp? Did I miss any other option to achieve this? Greetings, GriefCode
  5. Yey! Didn't expect to find someone else here, I got also 10 pigs with my gf And they got even Instagram https://www.instagram.com/guineapig_paradise/
  6. Google just reached out to me that they have "enhanced" their security measure, "Invision Community" does not appear to be a verified developer. They strongly suggest me to unlink my account from the web site. Couldn't find a language switch to have an english version.
  7. Nevermind, appears to be an issue when the teamspeak server is on the same server as the web server. When changing the IP to everything works as expected.
  8. Hey @Ahmad E., I got since yesterday (I finally upgraded the application) a frequent error popping up in the system log: But... it's a ts3 instance, and when I check the connection test, all is fine. Do you get an idea whats causing it? Greetings
  9. Hey, does that actually work for the AdminCP login as well?
  10. Best way: Reinstall the server (if it is a virus) No seriously ... reinstall your server. All the tips of finding the file and try to remove it are useless, the reason is that the hackers most likely have added backdoors to gain again access. Save your time and the time of others by simply reinstalling the server. Backup the media, backup the database, reinstall the server, load a fresh install package from invisionpower and import the media/database dump. Some minor tips from just another forum user (I have learned a lot of things painfully myself over 10 years of hosting experience): Don't trust anyone on the internet Give people only the access they REALLY require, most people do not require any access. As example, I am the only one that can access my server infrastructure, no one else can. I am along with 1 other guy able to access the Admin CP of my forum and my mods can't even do most moderation actions. Set secure passwords, if you use them for ftp/ssh. The idea of having special chars or upper/lower letters is not secure, the only measure of having a secure password is the length with non dictionary words, if anyone is interested getting further into it, follow up here: https://blog.codinghorror.com/hacker-hack-thyself/ As last point, also if that is always a bad thing that can happen, it has a positive effect, you learn from things you have done wrong. Greetings
  11. How do you handle privacy, personal information and general information of clients & users using babbel as service? I think it should be added to the application description as generally all data is going thru your servers now. I'm not someone that is into the internet law and handling, but there is a reason why every chat software has a privacy policy nowadays and I am just personally interested into that.
  12. Do you mean you used the 4.1.X theme? If yes, you need to upgrade to 4.2.X, I can assure you it is working there as I'm using it.
  13. You could simple extend the classes for your needs, than you wouldn't have the issues overall. As example, I work also on a secondary database and wrote me simple extended classes for the ActiveRecord class: https://github.com/Grief-Code/IPS-Stats/tree/master/sources/DbIntegration They are used once again for my ActiveRecords then. I also have a private repo where I continued the system, and have content items extended also. Maybe this does help you getting some ideas Greetings
    Nice design. For gaming communities this is a must. My community really enjoy the dark design. This one is also one of the few designs where the author has spend time to details and created a pixel perfect design. I had nothing to change on CSS rules over all as it simply matched my needs. Had the design back for 4.1 and worked very well, a note for people transition to 4.2, the colorization tool is missing, but with a bit time and manual settings of the many color options, that are well organized, you can achieve the old colorization back. Nevertheless, the author planed to add it back in one of the next updates. Support is also fast and friendly. I can just recommend the theme and the author
    Nice and clean design. I prefere simple, bright and clean designs overall. Had this back for 4.1 as well and was happy to repurchase it for 4.2. Also one of the few designs on IPS marketplace that has nearly no minor issues and is absolutly pixel perfect. So exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for that.
  14. Minor design issue on mobile topic view: Caused by this rule: @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { html[dir="ltr"] .cAuthorPane_photo .ipsUserPhoto { margin-left: 20px; } } Appears that this can be removed without any issues, didn't test other sites yet if it does affect anything. Greetings
  15. As it appears the bug tracker has been removed, I will try to add it here. The permissions are not honored on the fluid view for hidden elements, I have a forum category called "Graveyard" where im putting all my old forum categories. There are no single permissions available for anyone. When looking on the page on fluid view, I can see old topics from there: I guess this should not happen.
  16. Anyone else has this weird bug that I cannot login to my IPS account? Or it appears at least so? I'm being stucked on this position... When I press continue, it will load shortly and put me back on that spot. Greetings
  17. I've run into the same issue recently: Any ETA when this is fixed? As I am the third reporting this now it appears to not be server related, except and package updates has caused that what I do not believe. Greetings
  18. Hey, I'm getting this during the database installation: Any idea? Greetings
  19. Hey, i'm using the build in google authentificator as 2FA since it has been added. Never had any issue until today, it says all the time: Waiting for a new code It does not change over 10 Minutes until it reaches the end, then it changes to an input field, but at that time the session has expired already. Anyone got an idea whats causing it? Greetings
  20. Interesting, I could simply add a default value over the column, wouldn't matter anyway. Glad you found a solution for the issue. Sorry I wasn't around at that time. Greetings
  21. Hey, I've just run into the issue that one of my monderators falsely restricted a player from posting / flagged as spammer. Now all of his posts got automatically hidden. It is a pain to revert that, please make such things easier, just a whole revert, or something like this. Or did i miss an option somewhere? Greetings
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