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31 minutes ago, Sheffielder said:

I've got a troll member who I've put on permanently unable to post

They're now just trolling a certain member and giving a negative rep to every post that member makes


is it possible to stop a member from giving reputation?

1. Create a new group of members called "troll"
- Set the permissions you want for this group.
- move a troll member to this group
2. Create copies of the theme you are using.
3. In this new theme disable reputation.
4. Make this theme available only for group 'troll'.
5. Exclude a group of 'troll' from your theme default.

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 But simply because another troll in another topic didn’t create another account doesn’t mesn that here will not create too, right? Or is here any rule out there for trolling forums? ?

But I agree, it’s the OP who decides. You gave your cake recipe and said it won’t work because I already have this on my board. Anyway, not my problem.  Really!

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On 12/27/2017 at 9:38 AM, Sheffielder said:

So what's happened now is I've flagged as a spammer and the person in question is still negging everything on the site

This is one of the reasons I don't use negative reputation on my site.  You'll always have people who abuse this feature if you allow them to "downvote", "thumbs down", or otherwise assign a "negative" value to others' posts. 


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