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(NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

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Thanks, I suspected it would be a local attached file.

The application currently has no effect on attached files - IPS is responsible for the player displayed (it's created at the time of upload - introduced in IPS 4.6) and I don't influence that player at all.

However, as I did when IPS added native video for uploaded videos, I am going to be adding in a modification to allow settings to be applied to attached audio files too. That will be added when v2.2.0 is released (no ETA)

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Thank you.

Because it is an attachment, my application isn't responsible for the video player - that is native functionality for uploaded video files, added by Invision several major versions ago.

Why is it a video player instead of an audio player? Because Invision have .ogg files listed in their $videoExtensions variable in /system/File/File.php:

* @brief	File extensions for HTML5 compatible videos
public static $videoExtensions = array( 'mp4', '3gp', 'mov', 'ogg', 'ogv', 'mpg', 'mpeg', 'flv', 'webm', 'wmv', 'avi', 'm4v' );

...and they also have it listed in their $audioExtensions variable too:

* @brief	File extensions for HTML5 compatible audio
public static $audioExtensions = array( 'mp3', 'ogg', 'wav', 'm4a' );

When a file is uploaded, Invision is checking it's type and then deciding what to do with it...and because it first finds ogg in the videoExtensions list, you get a video player.

How to fix it? Go here or here and post about it - it would help to link to this post so that whoever reads it doesn't simply say "OH, disable this or delete that or contact the dev"


For information - my application is only having an effect on the native player by turning the embedded video player (added by Invision) into a linked attachment because both the "Enforce settings to native IPS video" and "Enforce 'Download attachments' permission" settings are enabled (reason for using those is in the linked description of the second setting)

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v2.2.0 is currently pending approval.


  • Added "Apply settings to native IPS audio" & "Enforce 'Download attachments' permission" settings on the 'Audio' tab.
    • These settings mirror some of the functionality provided by the equivalent settings on the 'Video' tab.
      • If a user doesn't have permission to download attachments then the IPS-embedded audio player will be converted to a normal attachment link.
      • 'Preload' settings will be applied to IPS-embedded audio players.
  • 'Disable right-click' functionality is now effective on attached audio files.


  • Minor language updates


  • Fixed an issue when adding a Pages WYSIWYG block via the block manager would result in an 'Error', stopping you from configuring the block at that time.
  • Fixed an issue where a Pages WYSIWYG block was no longer processed by the application if the block wasn't on a Pages page.
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