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(NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

Nathan Explosion

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v2.1.3 has been submitted for approval

    • tweaks to Javascript functionality to remove a conflict with the user's group formatting, if the formatting included " marks and not ' marks. (this issue then resulted in a failure for further javascript to run on that page, potentially hiding announcements set to float at the top of the page)
    • minor code tweaks to improve performance with a fix previously added in v2.1.2
    • None
  • NEW
    • None
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FYI - with the release of IPS Community Suite v4.6.8, audio files attached to content items will now display an audio player automatically in the same way as video attachments display a video player.

I have not yet tested out the first beta of v4.6.8 to see how it affects this application and how this application affects the new functionality. If any changes are needed in my application then they will be made in my own time once I've tested things out, and likely not while the beta process is going on for this new release.

If you choose to upgrade to the beta of v4.6.8 and experience any issues, feel free to post the issue in here but do not expect a quick turnaround on a fix.

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