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IPS Marketplace: Price, downloaded, purchased.


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16 minutes ago, Misi said:

Price: $X

Downloads: 10

Purchases: 5

Can you download it without purchasing it?



one of those downloads is likely when it is tested by a staff member

the others likely where a purchaser has downloaded it more than once (e.g. lost original file so downloaded again)

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As above, the file author can add you manually so the download vs purchase count will not tally.

Bear in mind perhaps a client purchased it then needed it again and did not save a local copy of it, or the author released and update so they would download again etc.

Then as also mentioned above there's the test before its approved initially which will increment the download count by one  as well. :)

What you see appears quite normal to me. I think you can view (on your own files only) "who downloaded" but I'm not 100% sure on if that's enabled here or not.

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