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Feedback on Editor stuff

Joel R

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I haven't submitted tickets or feedback on any of this stuff yet, but these are all of the outstanding issues I have with the editor

1.  Editor on mobile - can't delete quote boxes

2.  When I mention someone, I can't click Enter to start a new line.  

3.  When you click option to display link as text link, I hate how editor refreshes to top instead of staying at cursor.  


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On 2.4.2017 at 11:41 PM, TLMD said:

Blurry buttons on UHD monitors.

This seems still to be an issue in 4.2.

On 3.4.2017 at 1:25 AM, David T. Cole said:

I used CSS to replace those with webfonts.

How did you do it and how does it look like (screenshot)?

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Regarding 1: I can delete quote boxes on iOS by hitting backspace just before the quote box. I know that was an issue in the past though.

It is a slight bit quirky when you have typed a lot in an go back but tapping the quote box removed it with backspace.

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15 hours ago, David T. Cole said:

I hid the existing graphic background buttons in CSS and added the webfonts via CSS 'content'.


Something like this should be default IMO. Using image icons in 2017 for something like this...... not good >_> Not only are image based buttons harder to modify, but they add extra unecessary HTTP requests.

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