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  1. Pretty important if you do this for the first time and you cook an important thread but thanks for dictating what's relevant.
  2. Automated post deletion is dangerous on IPB. If your mass delete posts from User X it will delete any topics they started as well.
  3. Ha yes, the last 2% took forever. I ended up troubleshooting by replacing all the default color calls in the theme admin to hot pink to see what I wasn't overriding.
  4. @dayh I overwrote the editor icon calls with CSS using FontAwesome icons like so: .cke_button__bold:after { background: none !important; font-size: 1.4rem !important; font-family: "FontAwesome"; content: "\f032"; position: relative; top: 0rem; left: 0rem; } FontAwesome 4.7 cheatsheet: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/cheatsheet/
  5. No, much longer. I refactored the CSS to accommodate a night theme fueled by only theme color changes (that's to say in the theme admin tabs). You have to change a ton of hard-coded calls into one of a selection of set tints/colours set in the theme admin. You also have to figure out which elements to invert and which ones should not. It was a lot of work! It would be good to have the default theme be easily switchable like that but it's not a small job. I also converted all pixel calls to rem. That was comparatively easy 🙂
  6. A like for that picture at the very least. Ignore needs to be much more ignore-y in general. It comes up again and again here.
  7. Huh. I never thought of reports generating in a mod-only forum but that sounds like a system with less friction than what we have now. How does it deal with marking reports active vs done? Tags? There's a plugin that turns warns into a per-user topic in a hidden forum but that's obviously not the same thing.
  8. Well shut me up! ETA: Why are so many marketplace screenshots missing/broken?
  9. It would be nice -- generally -- and for situations like this is you can toggle specific embed types (Twitter, FB, YT, etc) on/off.
  10. Seems like a Bad Idea Jeans moment. The expectation of a X-only area is that's it's X-only. If one can make single exceptions as a share... it's not really exclusive anymore. I think the answer would be copy and paste a PM then ponder the ethical ramifications in a dark room by yourself.
  11. It’s just a page of one user’s posts. There’s no specific anchoring — starts at the beginning of the post history.
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