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  1. Ha yes, the last 2% took forever. I ended up troubleshooting by replacing all the default color calls in the theme admin to hot pink to see what I wasn't overriding.
  2. @dayh I overwrote the editor icon calls with CSS using FontAwesome icons like so: .cke_button__bold:after { background: none !important; font-size: 1.4rem !important; font-family: "FontAwesome"; content: "\f032"; position: relative; top: 0rem; left: 0rem; } FontAwesome 4.7 cheatsheet: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/cheatsheet/
  3. No, much longer. I refactored the CSS to accommodate a night theme fueled by only theme color changes (that's to say in the theme admin tabs). You have to change a ton of hard-coded calls into one of a selection of set tints/colours set in the theme admin. You also have to figure out which elements to invert and which ones should not. It was a lot of work! It would be good to have the default theme be easily switchable like that but it's not a small job. I also converted all pixel calls to rem. That was comparatively easy 🙂
  4. A like for that picture at the very least. Ignore needs to be much more ignore-y in general. It comes up again and again here.
  5. Huh. I never thought of reports generating in a mod-only forum but that sounds like a system with less friction than what we have now. How does it deal with marking reports active vs done? Tags? There's a plugin that turns warns into a per-user topic in a hidden forum but that's obviously not the same thing.
  6. Well shut me up! ETA: Why are so many marketplace screenshots missing/broken?
  7. It would be nice -- generally -- and for situations like this is you can toggle specific embed types (Twitter, FB, YT, etc) on/off.
  8. I'm wishing that Santa saves us all from Nibiru / PlanetX.
  9. Seems like a Bad Idea Jeans moment. The expectation of a X-only area is that's it's X-only. If one can make single exceptions as a share... it's not really exclusive anymore. I think the answer would be copy and paste a PM then ponder the ethical ramifications in a dark room by yourself.
  10. It’s just a page of one user’s posts. There’s no specific anchoring — starts at the beginning of the post history.
  11. What's difference between the core post/post container template and the filtered view here that these templates in the plugin need to be recreated wholesale?
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