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  1. I've been looking at our site stats and it seems we have been pretty flat for the last year. What are people doing to increase viewers? Any tips? Thanks.
  2. I'm not sure if this in best posted in here or elsewhere, I run an event that has a Wordpress site as its home. I also run a IPS community that has an events section. I'd like new posts to the wordpress Blog to be posted to the relevant topic in teh events section on the forums. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this? Either directly with a WP to IPS link, or indirectly via IFTTT/Zapier or similar? This needs to be posted as a reply into an existing topic, not as a new topic Thanks!
  3. Hi, i'm once again looking into email servers. I am currently using Mandrill but it is becoming very expensive. I noticed that in the admin panel there is now an option to let Invision cloud handle this. Is it a new feature or has that option alway been there and I have missed it? What are the pros and cons to using a 3rd party email service? thanks.
  4. Have you read the book? Very interesting reading for a community owner.
  5. I really need to dig into this more thanks.
  6. I'be been looking at the IPS website for the first time in a while and really like some of the features. Are there any guides available on how to add them and get set up? Our picks section in particular. thanks
  7. I'm getting the same pushback from users about not upgrading tapatalk
  8. I'm looking at setting this up now and am getting a message saying I (as an administrator) do not have permission to promote. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi, I'm looking for some plugin's to add features for my members but there are so many options I don't know what is worth doing. Can anyone recommend some add-ons that will make the forums more fun to use. What has worked for you. (i know this is vague! I'm looking for any recommendations rather than specific items) Thanks!
  10. Nothing too heavy going on the dev side. I'd like to see interviews with the biggest community owners showing how they grow, manage and monetise their communities and how IPS help's them do that. Showcase the best sites and how they utilise the suites. I listen to a bunch a podcast (like hours and hours a day) and think that the typical entrepreneur interview show format would be really good for this. the IPS suites are packed with features that note everyone use. From a business point of view you could do a feature on how the most successful online stores use .commerce,this might then sell more of that app. Or how one site made an awesome directory using pages, and again that might sell you app. it wouldn't need to be pushy or salesy, just show off what you do and let people know how they can do the same.
  11. Hi all, This is an actual question about the forum capabilities but also a 'show off yours' style question. I have a forum post with 195 pages, 4840 replies and 303140 views. How big can these things get and what are your forums biggest threads? and also, is there a way to get the most posted in threads displayed as a featured section.
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