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  1. It should be dismissable and stay hidden for 24 hours if dismissed. It's not like we're goldfish, we can remember things for more than an hour or two. 😅 But a new reminder the next day makes sense.
  2. Uhh... what is your comment even supposed to mean? The suggestion is about having the ability to make some reactions grant more reputation points than others.
  3. Personally I don't think that sounds good at all. Invision Community.....what? When I say it I expect something to come after Community, such as Suite, Board, or some other term. Guess that's just old habbits though. But it doesn't make the suite any less awesome, so whatever.
  4. Why the change? Is the company changing its name from Invision Power to Invision Community? Or maybe you intend to start working on additional projects besides the IPS community suite
  5. Made a few visual changes. I'm really happy with the result
  6. IPS 4.2 is simply awesome. The new feature I'm most excited about: Clubs. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I hope to see this feature expanded upon in the future because there's almost no limit to how far it can go.
  7. It'd be nice if we could input our own value as for how we'd like a reaction to affect reputation, instead of being restricted to -1, 0 and +1. I'd like "Thanks" to give +2 reputation.
  8. I agree with the OP. We're getting the first iteration of clubs now and it's awesome, but it has A LOT more potential, and a few missing features that seems somewhat essential (but not game breaking). Ability to turn off (hide)/delete features. - Definitely Ability to create moderator/owner permissions only features - YUUUP!!! Also, I'd love to see more options for how to organise the layout of the club. Say you want the home page of a club to be a list of forums (within the club) instead of an activity stream.
  9. Exactly. I want to call all the Clubs on my forum Cabals. Now I need to edit 9 pages of language strings. Considering how many people will probably want to call their Clubs something else, and that the language editor is a bit too advanced for the average user, I still think the Clubs naming should be an option in the Clubs settings.
  10. Yeah. But the Clubs feature feels different from the other apps. They refer to a group of people. Or a recurring type of group within a community. It just seems a lot more natural to rename this than anything else. But I understand what you guys mean, it all being language strings.
  11. Where is this option? I know I can change the name of the menu item. But I need the terminology to change everywhere. This includes the add new button, the activity stream, the settings, etc. Yeah, but that involves editing a whole bunch of elements as far as I know. My suggestion is that Clubs should have one single simple setting for what Clubs should be called.
  12. Can we please get an option to easily rename "Clubs" into something else? What kind of terminology fits better varies a lot from website to website. For gaming websites, "Guilds" might be a better word. Or "Cabals". Some places might prefer "Teams". It all depends on the nature of the website. I'm only just beginning to explore Clubs and making use of it, and I'm very impressed so far. It seems like an incredibly powerful new feature, but for my site the term "Clubs" is very out of place, and it feels like that could be the case for a large number of sites out there just by thinking about it.
  13. I'd really like to see an option for Questions forums that'd let us hide this block: Popular questions from the past month Questions with no best answer When I put these into our Archive read-only forum (finished AMAs), this block serves no practical purpose. It's just taking up space. I know I can hide it with some convoluted CSS lines, but that feels sloppy. I think this should be an option.
  14. Here's a comparison: Feels like I need to put on a pair of glasses
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