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  1. this is a great idea, and seems essential to drive traffic back to the site. however, we're hesitant to purchase because i'm afraid we might miss white-listing something important... would it be possible to have a "Simple" option which would apply the plugin only to email notifications about posts and PMs? that might cover the bulk of use-cases from your average IPS forum style site. of course you would still have an "Advanced" mode which causes the plugin to apply to every email except for white-listed templates. also +1 for the requests to exclude user groups (both for admins and as a way to reward paying members). thanks!
  2. great idea, but it seems rather than attachments, most users these days just paste links to external images (which IPS thankfully auto-embeds)... therefore, i was going to ask if you might add support for using the first embedded image. however, i just read that Facebook and possibly other major social sites will be enforcing that the og:image URL be from the same domain as the page (or a white-listed domain) - so i guess adding such a feature would only be practical if our site was using the IPS cache-remote-images feature. so instead - would you consider adding a way to specify a fallback image per-forum for when there are no attached images on a post? then at least we could have an image that is more appropriate to a particular link than our default site-wide og:image. thanks!
  3. no-one ever said your entire application should be the exact same as anything else. however - certain features, behaviors and even UI elements are similar within many community software packages. i was simply stating that the IPS approach in this particular instance stands out as different and lacking when compared to many of the others in the same genre. It's also just plain non-intuitive. The word "attach" i used for uploading and inserting an image into a post, a user can manage these images on the "My Attachments" page, yet the word "Attachments" in the Admin UI permissions page doesn't apply to them.
  4. so the justification for not addressing these concerns is that admins are too stupid to handle any options that could have significant implications?!? that would mean you should just eliminate 90% of the admin settings. having a basic community gallery feature while not absolutely murdering my hosting storage space allotment seems like a reasonable and straightforward use-case. not to mention it's very technically doable as proven by other common forum software that has been around for 10 years or more.
  5. vBulletin 3, 4, 5 all resize uploaded images that are larger than an admin specified dimension, using GD or ImageMagick. i recently migrated to IPS4 and just assumed that any modern community software would work this way (i know, my bad). anyway, i just realized the lack of this sort of feature is why i'm suddenly running out of space with my host after moving to IPS. membership and traffic are still growing at our normal slow rate, yet disk storage consumption suddenly grew by leaps and bounds. ridiculous!
  6. i just realized this is how IPB works, and IMO, this is terrible behavior! being able to hide image attachments from guests is a common way to promote sign-ups in communities, and IPB4 doesn't support this?!? what are you basing your "not very widely used in the first place" claim on exactly? i bet most admins that migrated from other forum software have no idea that disabling the "download attachments" permission for a group only applies to non-image type attachments. also, it doesn't really matter what the technical challenges are with IPB's approach to rendering/caching/etc. what matters is the end result is a behavior that is undesirable and contradictory to every other forum software i've encountered - including the most prevalent (vBulletin 3 & 4).
  7. x2. We are migrating our community to IPS now and were trying to decide between the newer Subscription Plans feature versus using Store products for the same purpose. The store products route has some issues and we prefer the simplicity of Subscription Plans - BUT - not being able to offer a free Subscription that takes the user to the quick-registration form is a deal killer!
  8. Regarding this part of the OP's request: I agree with the intent here, and have 2 possible fixes to suggest to IPS... Suggested way to fix this #1 (easy to implement!) Change the admin Subscription Plans > Settings area to offer 3 choices instead of just required = yes/no... Offer subscriptions when registering?: No = Users get the standard registration or quick-registration process (whichever type you have selected in the Login & Registration settings area already). Yes, as optional = Show subscriptions during registration, but include a "No thanks, continue without purchasing ->" link at the bottom just like already happens when you offer products from the "Store"module during registration but do not require a purchase. The link takes you through the standard registration or quick-registration process and DOES NOT show the checkout or billing-info/customer fields! Yes, as required = Same as turning on the current "Force Subscription purchase when registering" setting. - OR - Suggested way to fix this #2 (my preference, more flexible) Just make it so that when you create one or more zero-cost subscriptions, the "Subscribe Now" button for those free subscriptions actually just takes you directly into the normal registration process (either standard or quick-registration depending on your existing choice in the Login & Registration settings area). Most importantly, these zero-cost subscriptions should not actually act like subscriptions and MUST NOT show the checkout or billing-info/customer fields! A bonus would be to also have Subscription Plans > Settings area option for "Price to display when subscription plan has no cost: [text field]" - which would allow admins to have those plans show their price as whatever they wanted... i.e. "Free!", or "No Charge", or still "$0.00", etc. Thanks for considering, - Kristoffer
  9. +1000! this would seem to be the most common use-case, yet it is not supported well. IPS team, please fix ASAP! Exactly! extremely important because otherwise users are presented with real name & billing address fields, as well as every profile field even if you've selected the quick-registration option in the admin area. yes, that brief dialog is annoying and when it just flashes by it makes the site seem broken or sketchy
  10. i currently have this problem and will open a support request. however, to summarize the issue: - i uploaded a new version of the parent theme. - at least one template in the child theme that has had NO modifications made in that child version failed to get updated/replaced with the new version from the parent theme. - re-uploading the new version of the parent theme multiple times nor clearing the IPS cache fixes the issue. the worst part is that i just happened to stumble upon one template with this issue after some features of the site broke during this "upload new version" scenario. however, i have no idea how many other templates might also be failing to inherit the new parent theme's changes! there doesn't seem to be any way to tell without comparing each template outside of IPS. uploading the parent as a brand new theme and re-creating the child each time is not a viable workaround as it takes a long time to re-configure all of the child theme's settings, and it's easy to miss a setting. this issue needs to be fixed and then i'd also really like to see better modified/inherited/version indicators and "revert" functionality when dealing with parent/child theme relationships. thanks!
  11. yes it would be silly to just overwrite without prompting. it's equally silly to not warn that there are differences and give the option to either overwrite, leave the changes, or show and editor with differences highlighted so they can manually merge. the current lack of at least a warning leaves users confused when things don't work correctly and frustrates marketplace vendors because they have to support their plugins/apps being easily "broken" by the commonplace scenario of a user changing something and then performing an upgrade later.
    works as advertised in v4.3.3 - thanks for making this!
  12. Anyone know if this still works in v4.3?
  13. i noticed the download for this was updated on 2/22/2018, but the version stayed the same and no changelog - what changed? should we upgrade? thanks!
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