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  1. Nice! I'll check back for it. 🙂
  2. Excuse me if it was already addressed but can members rearrange the awards how they want? My 2nd quote basically explains what I'm asking for.
  3. I will! I believe you added the features I requested like unlimited custom items and quantity display AND Trophies and Medals the members can buy with points. I am also planning to purchase Member Shop Goals. Great stuff. This was the one app I felt was needed in IPS and tried to work with other developers to make it but it never came to light. So I am happy that you took it on and have expanded it. Thank you! 😄 Edited: Purchased Member Shop Goals 🙂
  4. All is good now. I went back to the Order, found the date, and although it was expired, I clicked on Details and luckily it had a pending to pay link. I clicked on it and it worked! Renewal success! 😄
  5. I guess all this time I was concerned for little to nothing. 😄 I appreciate your reply, thank you!
  6. Oh? I didn't realize that. I guess because I customize the templates so much I must have removed that part of the code. Oops! I am still using IPS 4.1x and haven't tested IPS 4.4 yet. I will check it the default templates once I start testing. Thanks!
  7. Babble Chat Service looks exactly like the self-hosted version. I can see why people moved over to this version. My next thought is whether I have to keep my forums up-to-date for Babble Chat Service to work. I don't upgrade my forum every time there is a new release. So my concern is if I choose to stay at a lower IPS version will Babble Chat Service still work? I believe I asked that question on the support thread but didn't get an answer.
  8. Nice! 😄 Actually I created my own on my site but I was wondering if IPS can add a back-to-top on this forum. 😛
  9. I like that users can access the chat from the site. 😄 Are you able to customize the look from the templates and CSS?
  10. Can you please add a jump or scroll-to-top on IPS community? It's not critical but I find myself looking for a that button every time I go to the bottom of the page. 😛
  11. That looks interesting. Never saw that before. How does it integrate with IPS? Do members access the chat on the site or off-site or client or? 😄 Good to know. 🙂 Do your members access the chat from your site or is the chat off-site?
  12. Interesting! Sometimes (more often than I prefer) the node.js stops because of a certificate update. Each time I have to manually add it into the babble script so having it managed outside would be a blessing. I imagine these updates will be faster too. Nice! 🙂 I don't upgrade my IPS every time it upgrades. Often I stay at a version until a big upgrade, like IPS 4.4. If I go on the Chat Service, will the chat still work despite not upgrading the IPS version? Since the Chat Service is identical to the self-hosted version, the users will still access the chat on my site as they normally do?
  13. I've used Babble (self-hosted) but soon will be EOL (end of life). Discord is ever popular but does not integrate well with IPS whereas Babble integrated with IPS just about perfectly. I haven't tried Babble Chat Service (cloud-based) so I cannot speak for that. I'm open to chat apps out there that also integrates with IPS seamlessly. Sends out notifications when content is posted Integrates with member groups and permissions Uses whatever forum theme is using Also supports mobile use (responsive design)
  14. @Mike John Is it possible to have a separate page for each Donation Goal? Sometimes I have multiple goals running simultaneously and each goal has its own images and information along with donation feeds. Running multiple Donation Goals can be cluttered. Instead of the Donation page stacking goals from top to bottom, I wonder if we can have each goal posted on a separate page, with a separate ID. The Donation Index page can be like a hub which lists all of the Donation Goals and when a goal is clicked it takes the users to that specific Donation Goal. I understand this request requires more time and work so I am more than willing to pay extra for this feature. I also believe other members may have use for this request as well. Please consider? Thank you!
  15. Excuse me if this question has already been answered but are there notifications in TeamSpeak when new content is posted on the site?
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