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  1. Hi, There is not any guide about custom payment gateway, could you please advise best way to develop a custom payment gateway? Should it be a hook or an application?
  2. Hi, When implicating a new OAuth 2.0 based login handler, I get some problems, as tokenEndpoint returns string not json data. For example, in Facebook GET https://graph.facebook.com/v3.2/oauth/access_token? client_id={app-id} &redirect_uri={redirect-uri} &client_secret={app-secret} &code={code-parameter} will return { "access_token": {access-token}, "token_type": {type}, "expires_in": {seconds-til-expiration} } But in this case, it returns access_token={access-token}&token_type={type}&expires_in={seconds-til-expiration} I h
  3. Same, actually I am also waiting for alternatives for Google reCAPTCHA...
  4. 希望可以修正QQ登入的Bug

  5. Please post your web server configuration.
  6. If I click the image, will lightbox show the image in full size? Do I have to click the full size button again?
  7. In my opinion, it is almost uesless to put the review tab as the default one, as users usually can see the rating and vote the rating next to the article/image/file. Sometimes it may confuse users, as my users complain they cannot comment the file. It could be nice if you could move the comment tab to default tab, really appreciate your help on this.
  8. Hi, could you check network usage?
  9. I guess he needs to add the screenshots to the file description. IPS doesn't allow this.
  10. Hi, Mass-Add Tags or Prefixes Tool only works for the first 5 topics.
  11. Hello, does this support unicode username?
  12. Where are the install instructions for media tags?

  13. I could right click picture to get image link in ipb 3.4. If we compare IPS Gallery to flicker We could request for an option to download images in different sizes. What's more, IPS Gallery should save original size pictures! More and more people like to use extremely large pictures.
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