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  1. Nice! I'll check back for it. πŸ™‚
  2. GrooveOnBeat


    Excuse me if it was already addressed but can members rearrange the awards how they want? My 2nd quote basically explains what I'm asking for.
  3. Is there a way to keep the minimum content count to post but allow specific group members to bypass that setting? See screenshot below.
  4. I will! I believe you added the features I requested like unlimited custom items and quantity display AND Trophies and Medals the members can buy with points. I am also planning to purchase Member Shop Goals. Great stuff. This was the one app I felt was needed in IPS and tried to work with other developers to make it but it never came to light. So I am happy that you took it on and have expanded it. Thank you! πŸ˜„ Edited: Purchased Member Shop Goals πŸ™‚
  5. All is good now. I went back to the Order, found the date, and although it was expired, I clicked on Details and luckily it had a pending to pay link. I clicked on it and it worked! Renewal success! πŸ˜„
  6. Oh? I didn't realize that. I guess because I customize the templates so much I must have removed that part of the code. Oops! I am still using IPS 4.1x and haven't tested IPS 4.4 yet. I will check it the default templates once I start testing. Thanks!
  7. Nice! πŸ˜„ Actually I created my own on my site but I was wondering if IPS can add a back-to-top on this forum. πŸ˜›
  8. Can you please add a jump or scroll-to-top on IPS community? It's not critical but I find myself looking for a that button every time I go to the bottom of the page. πŸ˜›
  9. Interesting! Sometimes (more often than I prefer) the node.js stops because of a certificate update. Each time I have to manually add it into the babble script so having it managed outside would be a blessing. I imagine these updates will be faster too. Nice! πŸ™‚ I don't upgrade my IPS every time it upgrades. Often I stay at a version until a big upgrade, like IPS 4.4. If I go on the Chat Service, will the chat still work despite not upgrading the IPS version? Since the Chat Service is identical to the self-hosted version, the users will still access the chat on my site as they normally do?
  10. @Mike John Is it possible to have a separate page for each Donation Goal? Sometimes I have multiple goals running simultaneously and each goal has its own images and information along with donation feeds. Running multiple Donation Goals can be cluttered. Instead of the Donation page stacking goals from top to bottom, I wonder if we can have each goal posted on a separate page, with a separate ID. The Donation Index page can be like a hub which lists all of the Donation Goals and when a goal is clicked it takes the users to that specific Donation Goal. I understand this request requires more time and work so I am more than willing to pay extra for this feature. I also believe other members may have use for this request as well. Please consider? Thank you!
  11. Excuse me if this question has already been answered but are there notifications in TeamSpeak when new content is posted on the site?
  12. @Daniel F Maybe it's a good idea to disable Renewal too? I just clicked on it to test and it seems to be active.
  13. I saw the EOL for Babble Self-Hosted sites. Does the Babble Chat Service integrate with the IPS site, as it did with self-hosted app, and conform to the themes? Will users be able to access the chat from the website or will they access it from a separate URL?
  14. @TheJackal84 Hi. I purchased Members Shop 1.0.0 and was just about to renew but I don't have that option. I only see buy. I noticed that the price bumped up too. I haven't been keeping up so I was wondering if I have to purchase the app full or is there a renewal option? I"ve only ran the app on a test board but never live. Since IPS 4.4 is gold I can think about upgrading now.
  15. +1 I'm up for renewal! Once Trophies & Medals is safe for 4.4, I'll renew! πŸ˜„
  16. What? 4.4 YES! Great news! I must have been under a rock. Not to derail the conversation but I'm glad that I came across your post! 😁
  17. I just happened to come across this topic and lucky me. Thanks! πŸ˜„
  18. I came across these blog entries... and previously by Charles... From what I gather the primary reason that the IPS app did not succeed was the lack of a "proficient mobile app development team". That was then. Maybe the timing at that time wasn't right? Jumping onto the latest and greatest doesn't always deliver desired results in a shifting market. 2019 is a whole different world now and how people use their phones and tablets have changed a lot. Attempting a mobile app now doesn't have to be re-tracing the steps of yesterday. A different time poses a different approach. I guess the question is whether it's worth the time and resources...Again?
  19. I'll pay a lot more. That is if... 1. The mobile app supports both forums AND IPS applications. Much of my website is built around Pages, so this kind of support is a must. 2. The product works and is supported by the developers. My main concern with third-party solutions is that the developers may abandon the product or lack good support leaving customers stuck. As a consumer, I want to have confidence in the product. I understand that creating an app takes time, money, and resources, but in this day and age where mobile usage is at its highest in consumer and business environments, I'm surprised that an app of this kind has not already been developed.
  20. Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe I'll need to open a ticket. The custom field is numerical. I created another custom field to test with but there is no change either. Odd thing is that the custom field with the numerical value worked before, now it does not. It ignores my setting completely. When I changed the value to text, sorting the records by letters instead of numbers, it works. At least for the time being sorting by letters is working. It is strange.
  21. In Database options, there's a setting to sort records. Below shows the sort default "Record ID". I created a custom field that I use to sort records. When I change the sorting to my custom field, the sorting does not update on the website. However, the records sort correctly in the ACP. I want all members to see the same sorting, so I removed the Sort by button on the website. What can I do to force the record sorting so all members see the records in the same order?
  22. Great! This is an option I wanted. Glad to see it happening.
  23. Oh. Then any idea what could cause the error when I create global notes? I'm on a locked test forum.
  24. Request: I use the Donations app and would like to award Member Shop points when members donate. (e.g., For every x points donated members will receive x Member Shop points). Are there any plans to integrate Donations with Member Shop? While I have Automation Rules (Full), I don't believe there is an option to link Donations with Member Shop.
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