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  1. I see now. on IPSDev site. My URL is on a locked test forum. @TheJackal84 Do I submit the test URL or live site URL?
  2. Ohhh, I didn't even think about going that route. Thank you!
  3. How do I assign groups, that are not moderators or administrators, to manually give out Medals? Version 1.4.1.
  4. What was the fix for this error? IPS 4.3.3 Sticky Notes 2.2.4
  5. Appears to be working with 4.3.3.
  6. 1.0.0 appears to work in 4.3.3 too!
  7. I am planning to upgrade to 4.3 from 4.1x. In the past, I made a copy of my existing database and a copy of the files. I import them into a test environment. I customize the templates, applications, plugins and configure the settings. When all is working and I'm satisfied, I upgrade my live forum then install or upgrade the applications and plugins and configure the settings. I want to upgrade differently this time around by installing the new theme, customize the theme, install the applications and plugins. Configure the settings. Then after all is finished, I'd like to import all of the data. What is the best way to go about this? If you have other recommendations I'm open ears. Please advise.
  8. I'm not sure if this is what you wanted but in custom.css try: [data-controller="core.front.core.moderation"] [data-role="editableTitle"]:hover { //your background color here }
  9. How much $ will it take to get a mobile app project funded? Realistically?
  10. Members Shop would be great for an Arcade system...If IPS had an Arcade system.
  11. Oh yes that would be fantastic! Thank you. I'm still using IPS ?
  12. For the PM confirmation, after a donation has been made, is it possible to add a "%project name%" to the tags? This way, when the PM is sent out, the members know exactly which project they donated to. I use the PM as a receipt.
  13. The idea I have is like a virtual shop, where as members earn enough points they can choose the trophies they want. Since trophies can be any kind of graphics and displays in post user panes, it makes for a powerful and flexible award system for communities. There can be common, exclusive, limited/special, and more types. It's to the imagination. For me, this will be an important component of the awards system. If it's possible, I'm willing to pay extra for the work as I know this is a custom request. If not, that's ok...But I hope that you will consider.
  14. Sorry if I missed it, but is it possible to create an unlimited amount of trophies, set prices for them, and add them into the shop for members to purchase? Is it possible to create an unlimited amount of custom items, set prices for them, for members to purchase?
  15. @Mike John Happy Holidays! Is there a way to edit or delete the Donation notes in the profiles, other than the database table? If not, is it possible to add an edit + delete function in?
  16. More and more people are using apps. If an iOS and Android template is available I'll work with that. PWA too. We're in the 21st century, let's keep moving forward.
  17. Ah, I like the idea of a branded-free for all apps. I'll be eagerly waiting!
  18. I was disappointed when IPS bailed out on developing a mobile app. I felt is was a missed opportunity. +1 I came here to post an app for hire, when I stumbled on @BariatricPal's white label mobile apps thread. Then I stumbled on this thread. I'm also willing to pay good money for a complete IPS app solution.
  19. This is a much needed feature for my community. Thank you! Thanks! Scenario #1: The idea is to make certain items "exclusive", making the items special or limited edition. Maybe for these items, there will be a visual number (a counter) for members to see how many items are in stock. As I think about it, maybe the number should be displayed for all items. So "unlimited" for purchase any time, "5" if the item can be purchased only 5 times, and etc. This way members will know up front how many of an item is in stock. Scenario #2: I can select items to only be purchased x amount of times per month (or week, year, etc.). Then after the month has passed, the item will restock to the number set by the admin. Since these items will not always be available, it gives members an extra incentive to purchase them.
  20. I haven't installed Member Shop yet, so I'll ask. 1. With Member Shop, can we create Trophies and give them a price. When members have enough points they can select the trophy of their choice and purchase it? For me this feature will be more important than awarding a random trophy. In the future release, I know I can create a custom item and award the trophy manually. I just thought members will love the feature of purchasing the trophies themselves. 2. Can we set a limit on the number of items or trophies that members can purchase? If this is already a feature, sorry.
  21. Ah right! That's exactly what it is. I had removed the foreach code, so when I added it back it worked. Always helpful, Mike! Thank you!
  22. It's not showing up. It must be where I'm adding it into the Index template.
  23. I think I got it! {{if $goal->_id == '2'}} To do if Goal #2 {endif}} or {{if $goal->id == '2'}} To do if Goal #2 {endif}} I could have sworn I did this originally. Maybe I had a typo. Would this be possible on the Donations index page too?
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