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  1. Suggestions: Allow editing of Donation notes in the Profile. There are times when I make a note and need to change something. The only thing I can do at the moment is to edit or delete the notes from the database.
  2. This app works on browsers. However, when users use an app such as Tapatalk they can see and reply to password protected threads without entering a password.
  3. I'd help fund an arcade. I don't know why they never got involved with IPS. Some of those applications are must have.
  4. I've been hearing about this Service. Is it Babble hosting service, similar to IPS Chat? I'm assuming that v3, for self-hosted sites, will still be fully supported? And that the Service version is not to replace the self-hosted version?
  5. It'll be a nice little touch for (the upcoming) IPS 4.2, would you say?
  6. I can't wait to test version 3!
  7. Unless I'm missing it, when we have child themes can there be an option to inherit the changes made from the parent themes? Sometimes I have several copies of a theme and it's a task to update theme one by one. Thank you!
  8. I see an option for members to give/remove points. If it's not a current option, in a future release can there be an option where members can donate points to other members (based on member group settings)?
  9. #ipsLayout_mainArea { width: 100%; min-height: 350px; padding: 0px 20px; } Is there a technical reason for the minimum height at 350px? Or can I safely change it to 10px without issues?
  10. Thank goodness for this. I'm looking forward to the public preview. I'm hoping sometime (very) soon!
  11. GrooveOnBeat


    Suggestion.. I may have missed it, but a while back some of us were asking for a way where members can sort their awards whichever way they want to. The current options are limited by dates, names, categories and ascending or descending. I was thinking one step further. My preference is sorting by click and drag, where members can move the awards around and save. OR maybe in the settings the awards will be listed and members can sort them by selecting an award and then an up or down button. Can this be considered?
  12. Yes! I just realized that. Thank you!
  13. @newbie LAC Nice updates! I didn't know you could create multiple Recent Topics/Posts blocks. Suggestions? I see an option for locked posts or topics. In the future will there be for featured posts or topics, hidden posts or topics, and hot posts or topics?
  14. Suggestions for Anonymous Donors 1. When members donate anonymously, no donations (in Profile, widgets, anywhere) is shown. 2. When member awards are enabled, anonymous donors are promoted in a secondary group while their primary group remains as is. While we can exclude member groups from being promoted, it is a global setting.
  15. The title says it all. I'd like the option to disable or remove "More" from the navigation and let the menu items flow the way I want them to. Thank you! A similar topic here..
  16. Since I do not want the layout changing I'm doing this for now.. <meta name="viewport" content="width=1200, user-scalable=0">
  17. I'm testing 4.1.19 and created a new (non-responsive) theme. I noticed that on tablets or mobile devices that the font size increases. On older themes font sizes did not change. Did this change?
  18. When "Increase Content Counts" is disabled, do posts add to the overall forum total post count? If it does, is there a way to disable increment post count towards total?
  19. GrooveOnBeat


    Not in the settings (when creating or editing an award). However when you give an award you can omit the reason. Reasons all together should be an enable/disable option in ACP. Or it should just be left as an option, and not a required field, as it is required when removing an award.
  20. Thanks for the info! Ah! Ok so I'll need to set up the roles on Discord first, then set those roles on the counterpart member groups. Once those are set does that bind the Discord roles and IPS member groups?
  21. Ah that makes perfect sense. I didn't think about those things when I asked the questions. Thanks for the info on formatting too! I have a question about member role mappings. The options on the ACP side is either blank or admin. This might sound silly but what happens when I select either of the roles? In the basic settings I've left the unmapped disabled and enabled sync ban. The members on Discord have their separate accounts that (I don't think anyway) is related to IPS logins. How does this syncing work?
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