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  1. GrooveOnBeat


    I tested the recount content with iAwards enabled, and could not replicate the issue. I only recounted a single member though, not sure if that makes a difference.
  2. Yes, 2 different member groups. Donors (5-49) Advanced Donors (50-99)
  3. Nice! Is it possible to add the option to clean games for individual members? Maybe for a future release?
  4. I like the idea of this app! Is there a way to reset a quiz, whether globally, or for an individual member? If not, can there be such a feature in the future?
  5. Being concerned about giving ACP access is a valid concern, and a concern that site administrators should never take lightly. That is a decision for each administrator to make. With third-party applications there are many variables in play. Every site is set up differently (e.g., configurations, modifications, applications/plugins, server set up, etc.), and so it is impossible to take into account of everything. In most situations the applications do work out of the box. There are some cases when applications do not work as intended and part of the troubleshooting process is to determine whether the issue is global or isolated. As far as I can tell the issue is not global and the application author could not replicate what you've experienced. Based on what I've read, the issue seems to be isolated to your site. There's only so much you can do by posting replies back and forth. The author asked for ACP access, not full ACP access to be specific. You could have PM'ed her and discuss what she'll need access to. If you do give out ACP access, you can restrict the access levels, such as restricting access to your members and payment information. For this particular app, it's unlikely she'll need access to those information anyway. But don't quote me as I don't know what the author requires. Below is what she asked for. I don't see "full access", just "ACP credentials". Excuse me for chiming in.
  6. Ok, you got me curious. I hope very soon means in 2016. I'm looking forward to what you magicians do. Not to place any pressure, but I'm expecting something great.
  7. Looking back from a thread in 2012, I'd like to see an option to auto-promote members to a secondary member group. There are scenarios where I want to give more privileges to members while keeping their primary member group the same. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! Let's say that I want the first donor group ( $5 - $49) to be promoted, and then a second promotion for donor group ($50 - $99). Do I have the right settings?
  9. If I have several Member Rewards based on the amount total (of all donations made by a member) rather than individual amounts can I do the following? The example below is 2 Member Rewards. Donor and Advanced Donor. Based on these settings, once Donor reaches $50 (of all donations combined) will the member be promoted to Advanced Donor? If not, what else do I need to do?
  10. GrooveOnBeat


    I've been reporting this issue since a while ago. It's frustrating.
  11. Prior to IPS 4x, media like images were viewed as links in quote tags. It would be nice to have an option in ACP to set media (e.g., images, videos, sns) as links when quoted. As it is now there are no image limit in posts and threads become unnecessarily long when members quote images. Looks messy too. Please consider. Thank you.
  12. Yes, the correct PM sender sent the PM.
  13. Perfect! That's exactly what I was hoping for.
  14. Ok. What if I just set 1 image to show at a time? Will that image resize?
  15. This is fantastic! So this means that the images will automatically resize based on the screen size. That solves my problem. Thanks!
  16. I'll play with it. I'll basically override the ACP settings and do it manually per slider ID. If I come up with a working solution I'll share it.
  17. Long time no see! I don't suppose there is a way to make the images responsive instead of fixed dimensions?
  18. GrooveOnBeat


    I had the same error while trying to uninstall iAwards. What worked for me was "Upload a new version" ( The installation failed. However, I was able to uninstall iAwards. You will need to remove the iAwards folder in the Applications folder of IPS, and the iAwards folder in the Uploads. It's not the cleanest way to uninstall the app but it was the only way for me to uninstall it.
  19. GrooveOnBeat


    If I modify the database directly the information saves, and I can see the category changes in the ACP. When I try to change the category settings in the ACP and press Save, it goes to a blank page. Nothing saves. It's as if nothing happened.
  20. As specified in the layout.css, I didn't think about using that. Thanks! With this I can customize or even redo the classes to customize the width, margin, and padding. Thank you!
  21. @Mike John IPS: Donations: Donation settings are still not saving the correct PM Sender. It goes back to the user I'm logged in as. I've tried to edit the settings.json file, but that did not make a difference. Anywhere I can make the changes?
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