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  1. I've been trying different things but not getting the results. Any ideas?
  2. GrooveOnBeat


    Version: 1. Award categories upon saving results in a blank white page. Category title is blank. Category image is blank. On a fresh IPS install, the categories saved correctly. 2. Sorting issues as listed previously are still issues, even on a fresh IPS install. On a fresh IPS install, the sorting is still displaying incorrectly. ACP setting is to show 5 Pane awards. If I have 3 user awards and excluded all 3 of them, still 2 awards are displayed. No awards should display. If I exclude 2 awards, still 2 awards are displayed. Only 1 award should display I don't know why #1 is a problem on my live forum. Are there any known issues with other applications or plugins with iAwards?
  3. GrooveOnBeat


    Thank you @-RAW- for fixing the uninstallation issue. I've installed the newest version, and will start testing again. I'll keep you posted on the sorting issues I had before.
  4. As much as I'd like to pin this on IPS, I got to do my part too and check. Good point! +1 for IPS internalizing an update feature. It makes sense.
  5. Didn't work either... {{if $row % 3 == 0}} line break {{endif}} or {{if count($rows)}} {{foreach $rows as $id}} {{if $id % 3 == 0}} line break {{endif}} {{endforeach}} {{endif}}
  6. What I want to do is display 3 columns per row. The Page code is: {{foreach $rows as $row}} {{$idField = $row::$databaseColumnId;}} ...content... {{endforeach}} I've tried to do a template logic like below but failed: {{if $row % 3 == 2}} line break {{endif}} {{if $row == 3}} line break {{endif}} How do I do it?
  7. GrooveOnBeat


    Nothing in the error logs (1 - 5 settings). Nothing in the System logs. Just a blank white page.
  8. GrooveOnBeat


    Issue: I get a blank page when I try to uninstall iAwards.
  9. GrooveOnBeat


    The counts were still off, so I decided to do a fresh install. The problem I'm having now is that I cannot delete iAwards. When I do it gives me a blank white page. The URL at the error is &app=core&module=applications&controller=applications&do=delete&id=awards&deleteNode=1&wasConfirmed=1
  10. GrooveOnBeat


    1) Dailymotion wasn't working so I've changed the Media Replacement Match to: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/{1} 2) The video thumbnail does not generate automatically in Dailymotion.
  11. GrooveOnBeat


    Thanks for the update, -RAW-! I see my name too. Sadly the count is still wrong. ACP pane = 2 awards User settings = 0 awards excluded Result = 3 awards shown in the author pane ACP pane = 2 awards User settings = #1 award excluded Result = #2 and #3 awards shown in the author pane (the count is correct but...) ACP pane = 2 awards User settings = #1 and #2 awards excluded Result = #3 award shown in the author pane (only 1 award shown; it's supposed to be #3 and #4 awards shown for a total of 2) ACP pane = 2 awards User settings = #1, #2, #3 awards excluded Result = 0 awards shown in the author pane (it's supposed to be #4 and #5 awards shown for a total of 2 awards) The hovercard count is also off.
  12. GrooveOnBeat


    Have you tried going into the users' profiles and delete it from there?
  13. GrooveOnBeat


    Will this be fixed? It's been an ongoing issue since the initial release.
  14. Yes, I wanted to remove some of the actual prefixes in bulk. The Manage Tags will do. Thanks!
  15. Hi, Ryan. I'm not sure if I misread what this tool does or I'm doing it wrong, but there's a prefix that I want to remove. Let's say it's called "[beta]". I added that prefix into the text field and ran "Yes. Let's do it." but the prefix wasn't removed. The text field below is where I added the prefix. Did I do it correctly or am I missing something?
  16. GrooveOnBeat


    Bug iAwards: If I select to exclude at least 1 award, the total amount of awards shown is 1 less from the maximum amount total configured in the ACP. For example, let's say I have 10 awards as a user: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Let's say the admin sets the maximum awards in the ACP to 6. And let's say that awards 1 - 6 are the awards that would be shown if none were excluded. What should happen: If I select award #1 to be excluded, awards 2,3,4,5,6,7 should show up. A total of 6 awards. This is correct since the setting in ACP is 6. What actually happens: Only awards 2,3,4,5,6 are shown. That's a total of 5 awards. This is not correct.
  17. GrooveOnBeat


    Awards that are excluded show correctly in the Profile. This appears to be a bug for the pane and hovercard views.
  18. GrooveOnBeat


    Bug iAwards: When I select the first or last award to exclude from the list, it doesn't do anything. However, when I select any other award, the next award is then excluded, not the award I want to exclude.
  19. A few posts up someone mentioned about a reset button, so I was just asking if there is one. Now when I think about it, having a reset button may not be a bad idea. Let's say after creating my popup I want to reuse the popup instead of creating a new one. If the popup was originally set to show one time, even after I make the changes for the new popup, it won't display unless I change the settings to +1 as an example. Rather than having to change the settings in order to reuse the popup, why not have a reset button which will force the popup again as if the popup was new. The reset button can be an on/off toggle that when turned on, will force the popup to show again.
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