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  1. Didn't think so but I thought to ask just in case. I wonder if it's a blocked port.
  2. I have it as 3000. Should I change the settings in ACP and babble.js to either 443 or 80?
  3. Ok, thanks. I'm working on an upgrade. If a user gets the error "cannot connect to the node server..." while others can, what can the person do?
  4. @CodingJungle Is the newest version of Babble compatible with IPS
  5. Template: donateGoals Variables: $goals, $goal The idea is to customize the template based on the goal ID. It will be helpful when I have multiple goals running at the same time.
  6. GrooveOnBeat


    I've asked for this too. Members choice is ideal, for me at least. Please?
  7. That's exactly what I wanted...Although I didn't convey that as good as @Cyboman did. Yes, I'd like the ability to create a blank item that I can define and set a price too. +1 for me.
  8. GrooveOnBeat


    I'd like members having the choice of where awards are displayed and in the order they choose. Is custom work something you can provide? If so, what will be the fee? Just thought I'd ask.
  9. Nice! Thanks! Wow the ideas are just pouring in! It is so great to see!
  10. Ah perfect! I use conditionals to display things differently based on member groups or ID's. So being able to modify the templates will be most helpful for my needs. This is great to hear! I've always believed that a store system, where members can purchase items (that are displayed in their User Info Panel in posts, Profile, and Hovercards. Sort of a visual incentive for members. Trophies & Medals will play an important part with the point system. The store system can also be used to purchase functions, like the things you've already implemented (e.g., username and titles). And it can go beyond like profile customizations, signature, avatar, profile photo permissions. Colored usernames are also requested a lot. We can also have a "Special" item that members can buy and that special item is something that the admins can provide for them. In a sense, it's like a golden ticket, that can be used now or later on. There are really so many things that can be done with a points + store system. I also understand that this may go beyond what you've had originally planned to do. Like I said, I am willing to pay for features since they are custom features. I also think it can benefit other communities too. Sorry for the long post...I'm just very excited to see a point + store system finally happen for 4.x boards. Thank you!
  11. I have been looking at this app. I modify my own info panel, but I do it by template edits, which yours is much easier and flexible. This may be a silly question, but where do the Trophies & Medals show up in the panel? I looked at the pictures, but I couldn't find them, although I see Trophies & Medals supported. As for your other questions, I may have other ideas since a point + shop system is something I've wanted ever since coming from vBulletin.
  12. This is a perfect solution. I've already purchased Trophies & Medals. I haven't installed it yet. As I understand, the Trophies & Medals display under the author's info in posts. I forgot if they display in Profile and Hovercards too. This collaboration can be a great start of something wonderful! Kudos to you guys!
  13. Wow! This is great to see. Developers working with each other.
  14. Thank goodness someone made this app. I've been asking around, even hired a developer who hasn't come through (status is still unknown nearly 2 years). Can we create items to purchase? And can those display in the post profile, or post itself, or profile, or hovercard? Yes! That an iAwards? Or am I asking too much. *I'll pay extra for these must have features...If possible and realistic of course.
  15. @Mike John What can I use for a condition to target a specific goal? Example: If goal id = 2, then do this... {{if $goal->goal_id == '2' }} To do here for goal #2 {{endif}}
  16. Sorry, I thought I had replied earlier. I'll look forward to those features. Thanks!
  17. I haven't installed it yet, but I did not realize that it has a watermark/copyright on the bottom. I may have missed that part in the description. I too would like to know too.
  18. Nice! I like the easy interface. Presale question: Does this support pagination after so many FAQ items? If not, is that easy to implement?
  19. Is it possible to? Add decimal (ex. 0.5, 0.25)? Include/Exclude Member Groups from Receiving Points Include/Exclude (Individual) Members from Receiving Points Different earning potential for Different Member Groups (Ex. Member Group 1 = 1pt per post; Member Group 2 = 2pt per post, etc.) If not now, how about in a future release?
  20. Ok, thanks! Maybe I better wait until I upgrade just to be safe.
  21. What version(s) of IPS does Advanced Stats support?
  22. Ok. I'll use 1.1.0 for the time being until I upgrade to 4.2x.
  23. Is this version compatible with IPS If I cannot run 1.2.0, will 1.1.0 be ok? Any issues with that version?
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