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The activity stream is a great feature but it lacks the filter options and prevents overall customization of feeds. Here's a few examples of filtering I would like to see included out of the box. I have a category to greet members and birthdays that spam the feed and I currently have no option to hide them.

Filter by Tags

Along side only pulling certain tags there should be an option to exclude certain tags. For example, topics I don't want to be shown on the default stream I can add the tag: Private without having obey with the topic permission settings.

Filter by Category

Allowing or disallowing certain categories from displaying on the default stream to allow webmasters to prevent certain categories or create exclusive streams for any one or multiple categories to display on one feed.

Filter by Group

This concept can easily be nulled by the filter by tags and category submission but adds another universal filter for webmasters to utilize. This option can also bypass the filters by simply disallowing certain groups' posts from displaying such as the group System that a lot of communities have. As said above I have my system greet members and birthdays via threads that spam my default stream like crazy.


Please consider these additions as it would give more freedom to webmaster to customize their streams to accommodate their setups.

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