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  1. iDeath

    (GS) Server List

    Despite the reviews... I've only run into minor bugs that required a few seconds of modification to get going. Great application!
  2. iDeath

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

  3. Would love an option to replace film scroll with an up next scroll that shows x amount of video thumbnails instead of just random thumbnails of the same video (kind of pointless since you cannot interact with it.)
  4. iDeath

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

    Update on this? Application as-is is pretty useless without featured image.
  5. iDeath

    New landing page

    @The Old Man They feature sites based on notoriety to associate their product with companies and/or organizations that customers can actually relate to. This adds value to the product and some reassurance that companies as large as NBC, NHL, EVERNOTE and at one time Bethesda trusts and recommends IPS over the competitors. The majority if not all of the featured sites have been companies with the following in the millions if that adds any depth to the question.
  6. iDeath

    New landing page

    The new landing page is fantastic. Really shows value in the product and a bit easier on the eyes. Great job!
  7. @TAMAN Possible to add an option to stretch footer the width of the screen instead of ips container?
  8. Ignore me I was able to resolve it by reuploading the template.
  9. iDeath

    Reactions on Forum View

    Easy to set up and adds a great feature to something that would otherwise be wasted space. Despite the warning, it works on all of my themes including my customs.
  10. iDeath

    (GS) Steam Group

    Feature-rich, responsive and great support. What more can you ask for?
  11. iDeath

    (DF42) Profile Video

    @TheJackal84 I don't know why I kept saying timeline. I meant cover photo but the timeline option is nice as well.
  12. iDeath

    Waiting for IPS4.2

    I'll give them until Summer Solstice until I flood in the dank memes.
  13. iDeath

    (DF42) Profile Video

    @TheJackal84 I guarantee if you replaced the timeline with the video option, set it to autoplay and removed youtube overlay it'll be the most popular option between customers. This is not replacing a users timeline this is leveling it up for the most part. This is just a wild idea and by no means a request.
  14. iDeath

    (DF42) Profile Video

    IMO this would be amazing if instead of adding a widget you replaced the user's timeline with the video.
  15. iDeath

    Profile Photo in Online Lists

    Feature Request I would like to see avatars displayed instead of text on the System -> Members block. It currently shows if it's formatted as list but not as Comma separated list.