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  1. Why not by per user? btw need Czech language
  2. Include this plugin multilang for game auto-content?
  3. Hello, You could add the no-time option for Raffles, and raffle will be end if all ticket sold out? Soory for my english
  4. I use this .ipsShow_Forums {display:none} .ipsApp[data-pageapp="forums"] .ipsShow_Forums {display:block} .ipsApp[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagecontroller="topic"] .ipsShow_Forums {display:none} .ipsApp[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagecontroller="forum"] .ipsShow_Forums {display:none} but in subforums and topic list still showing i want this only on .../forums/ no in /forums/forum/id...
  5. i this use and works but i want show something only on forums index no on topic listing i try this .ipsApp[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagecontroller="forum"] .ipsShow_Forums {display:none} but this not work :(
  6. Hello, will be good create any plugin with FaceIT Integration e.g. for HUB with member list widget and last matches widget 😛 https://blog.faceit.com/launching-the-faceit-developer-portal-5740fb48ac26
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