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This would be ideal for members that needs to print of threads/posts, When I was running SMF years ago before I change over to IPS it had an print option enable into there software. This plugin will able to have options on what members went to print. Maybe if that member want one post to be printed then the full topic.

What's important that it needs to be able to cover the full main posts and not the website layout and website navigation bar :unsure:


This image shows that you are going to wast allot of pages since 50% of the first page isn't needed.

This idea of an plugin is to have an Printable Thread button.


Also thanks for @Square Wheels for posting the other topic, But I agree that there should be an plugin  

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On ‎03‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 10:54 PM, DawPi said:

I can do it. Pm me for more details. 


1.Have a button on each threads, Maybe in the ACP have a option on what categories that the buttons should be by the admin.

2. Button can be located near the input chat box.

3. Once click the full screen tab opens like chrome does other then another browser tab opens.

4. Design of the print page as how SMF does it where there isn't any ads or website layout with navigation bars. Just the main full posts that members posted with each number of each post.

Maybe have a option in the print screen of what post that they want to print, like they only went the first post other then 50 post after that.

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