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  1. Forms Support

    I've checked and it looks like IPB 4 is doing that as the source code itself. I might be able to provide some work around code if you have ftp access to your files and don't mind using some test code? But I am wondering if IPS added this for a reason and to solve some potential issue I'm not aware of. I know the "select box" still offers a required option. I'll be checking Simons board soon but if I could check on your site as well and see if there's any pattern here. Just upgraded to the latest forums and still not seeing any issues here. I can add to just about any widget area I want.
  2. Portal

    I haven't seen any improvements in that regards. Ideally IPS would facilitate widget areas to be added much easier.
  3. Limit Emoticons Allowed (Support)

    IPS doesn't seem to have a bug tracker anymore so I'd probably suggest opening a support ticket.
  4. Videos Support

    I haven't had a chance to look at that particular feature yet but will note it for a future version.
  5. Forms Support

    I don't seem to be able to reproduce this in the forums or pages app. Can you reproduce this with the default "Contact Form" or do you have a customized form? If the later, if I could get acp login details. I'll try and reproduce this with your exact setup.
  6. Videos Support

    Like the "Featured" video section or did you have something more prominent in mind? Or something IPB 4 does elsewhere?
  7. Limit Emoticons Allowed (Support)

    I was able to reproduce this without this plugin installed like the above user. As such, I believe this to be an issue with IPB 4 itself.
  8. Videos Support

    This would be the closest way right now. But I will note this for a future version as something like this can be built into the Videos app itself. Only if the audio file was an approved oembed site. The "extra videos" only accept oembed sites to generate proper embeds.
  9. Basic Points (Support)

    Yes definitely, every suggestion is being logged and the most frequently suggested ones will be among the first to be added.
  10. Auto Welcome Support

    Well it should be sent instantly so I can't explain why there would be a delay. But let me know if this still is a problem. The notification flag is still confirmed and I'll have to take another stab at it again. I wanted to get out the several fixes I had at the time.
  11. Forms Support

    What page are you originally trying to add a form widget to? A forum area or something within the Pages app?
  12. Random Logos (Support)

    Just replied now to that PM
  13. Donations Support

    The second donate file should be a tar file but just appear as win rar file if that's what you use.
  14. Donations Support

    Download from the ips marketplace listing and select which version of IPB your using from the unzipped folders. You should then see a "donate.tar" file inside.