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  1. Not currently but I've noted this and will see what can be done next feature update.
  2. Is it turned off from the settings or group permissions? Can you let me know what your group permissions are for the redeem settings as well so I can try and reproduce this? What version of IPB are you using? The profile tab themselves are an IPB feature but I'll see if there's some conflict on my side that might be causing this.
  3. This looks to be a problem with the new lazy load I assume. I've logged a bug report and included a patch to apply until the next update.
  4. I will likely need admin access to troubleshoot further. I assume your IPS cloud hosted?
  5. That's not currently possible. Likely in the future but not ETA yet.
  6. Can you try clearing your browser cache? I get the odd failure to load for the editor as well but I've encountered that across any editor in IPB. IF anyone is able to consistently reproduce this, please let me know which browser your using. I'd need to know what plugin and how it registers a user to see if it can support the Auto Welcome app. Please PM me with either site access or a copy of the register part of the code.
  7. I've put up a temporary patch here for now. In case you don't have ftp access, I'll PM you both shortly with a patched update.
  8. I've noted both for the next update - https://www.devfuse.com/forums/bugs/other-paid-products/news/2-more-features-r212/
  9. Do you have another editor where you've disabled most editor buttons? It might be technically possible to set the contact editor to use another editor area. Or alternatively does this need to be only for 1 form or can it be for all forms you've setup? I can't not reproduce this with a fresh install. Can you either PM me acp login details or a screenshot of your exact field setup so I can try to reproduce this? This was a recent bug fix. Any areas that relate to new topics are wrapped with a check if the forums app is present or not.
  10. No not currently. I assume by automatic reproduction you mean you switch to the next video when the current one finishes? That may be a problem technically to achieve as I would need to find out somehow when a video finishes in order to load the next video. And I'm not sure that's something Youtube supports natively outside their own website.
  11. Will reply shortly. Buttons are restricted to editor areas only I believe. So I'm not sure I can set individual forms. Do you need attachments in these forms? I believe disabling attachments will remove the entire insert media row along with attachments.
  12. I've sent you a PM with a demo board. It has some videos in place now to give you an idea of what the mobile view looks like. If you have any improvements for it, let me know.
  13. Can you please try this patch at the very bottom of the bug report first?
  14. If you open your acp > theme editor > portal > front > browse > topicRow Find: <div data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size='{setting="portal_topic_truncate"} lines' data-ipsTruncate-type='remove' class='ipsType_medium ipsType_richText' > {$topic->truncated( TRUE )|raw} </div> Replace With: <div data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size='{setting="portal_topic_truncate"} lines' data-ipsTruncate-type='hide' class='ipsType_medium ipsType_richText' > {$topic->content()|raw} </div> Save. That will keep the truncate but show full rich text still.
  15. I'll have a reply up there soon. In the mean time, if anyone else is able to reproduce the above issue. Please let me know.
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