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  1. Hey @Mike John Read your PM invitation about Black Friday

  2. I think it only triggers when enabling or disabling the image cache feature.
  3. I've sent you a test patch I'm working on.
  4. Should still work on IPB 4.4 but IPB now has a rebuild tool similar built in.
  5. I should have a patch soon. Can you clarifiy this a bit? To make adding a preset list of points to new forums? Which widget?
  6. I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be caught up with personal messages soon.
  7. I didnt specifically check but if not, I will issue an update for compatiblity.
  8. What country is your Paypal account for? Did you fill in the full email or added your merchant number/id.
  9. Can you please upgrade to the latest versions released recently. They should patch some of the issues between the ipn and donations recording. Not currently. Can you first try the latest upgrade. If that doesn't help, I'll need admin login details to check over your settings and troubleshoot this further.
  10. I've adjusted your refresh settings a bit. Can you let me know if that helps with the delays?
  11. And ftp access is possible to patch this?
  12. Would I be able to get admin access to take a look at your settings? A few of those are likely minor bugs that I can patch directly until the next update. I'll note your design improvements but it may be a while before the next update can include them.
  13. Can anyone else confirm this for the default theme? Trying on 4.4.4 as well and can not reproduce this. I will probably need board access to troubleshoot this further.
  14. First thing to rule out. The file edits I gave you for the points count didn't affect this? Have you made any changes to your points template bits? Specifically basicpoints > front > topics > postButtons.
  15. Noted both in bug reports and this will be added next update.
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