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  1. Basic Points (Support)

    Are you getting some kind of error or just not seeing the feature? Edit: I think your talking about the acp member form? If so, that's not currently supported but have added a note to add it into the very next version.
  2. Videos Support

    Do you have ftp access to your files or are you cloud hosted? I've actually got some previously used code to add "thumbnail" support to the existing rebuild feature. Which should make it into the next version but can provide a patch sooner if you can modify your files.
  3. News Support

    In what location in the News app? All locations should utilize what ever IPB4 sets up. Which generally detects where a user is from and then displays the relevant format to them.
  4. Videos Support

    IPB or Videos update? Any errors or screenshots to better describe the upload issue?
  5. Videos Support

    Yep. Basic club support was added as part of the Videos update for IPB 4.2. So make sure your using v3.2.0 or later and you should see the "Videos" tab in the clubs section.
  6. Auto Welcome Support

    2.4.9 = IPB 4.1.x 2.5.0 = IPB 4.2.x Let me know if you had any more questions.
  7. Collections Support Topic

    Replying to your PM now.
  8. Collections Support Topic

    The main problem is that a lot of the app was built around unique items for each member, changing that will require some work. Does the "items database" feature offer any work around for you here? It might be able to store all the computer parts for example and then members can just add any part to their list? I can setup a demo if you would like to better illustrate this?
  9. Birthday Greeter Support

    Could you please take a screenshot of what the email setting itself looks like? Have you made any changes there?
  10. Auto Welcome Support

    This is currently a confirmed bug. I'm working through mod updates now and should have a fix for this soon.
  11. Forms Support

    Could you PM me an overview of your forms fields and what kind of formula you needed?
  12. Members Teams (Support Topic)

    Simple enough, I've noted this and it will be included in the next update.
  13. Donations Support

    PM Sent.
  14. Forms Support

    The first one would probably be the one that I could provide a solution for. You could have two text input fields called field 1 and 2. A member would enter and submit 5 and 5 in the respective fields and the form could combine those values to display 10. i.e. a basic math operation between the values of the fields submitted.
  15. Basic Points (Support)

    Points are currently stored in the "member_points" field in the "core_members" database table. Assuming IPS don't add or change the field prefix there, should be keeping it the same for a while.