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  1. News Support

    I'll try and reproduce this but could you give me a bit more info: What browser and version are you testing with? Have you tried the default theme as well? Is this happening for new entries or when editing an existing one?
  2. Forms Support

    4. I've sent you a PM with something to try out. I've made a note and will have some kind of settings to do this automatically next version. 6. After you try the above, can you remind me to look into this in a few days and I'll see what I can put together. I might be able to put together a patch.
  3. Videos Support

    The fields should actually be checking for this... It looks like it has since been fixed but can you check if the video type was perhaps changed after adding the video? If that's the case, I should be able to put in some further checks to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  4. Videos Support

    When you edit that video, what does it say for the "video type" field? By looking at the browser source code, it looks like you've got a youtube url being loaded into a html5 "video" object. <video id="video535" width="100%" preload controls> <source src="https://youtu.be/nbNjxZ7HxTU" /> </video>
  5. Auto Welcome Support

    No problem and I'm glad you got it fixed. This is a confirmed bug and will be fixed in the next update.
  6. Donations Support

    If you open your acp > theme editor > donate > front > widgets > donateDonate. Find and remove <div id='elDonateBox' class='ipsWidget ipsWidget_vertical ipsBox'> Find and remove (very last instance only) </div> Save. Let me know if that looks better.
  7. News Support

    That's a little more complicated but is noted for a future major version.
  8. Collections Support Topic

    Yes that's correct. Each item is associated with a members account and unique. My understanding is you want to setup a "database" of items and then members can select they have that item. So it's probably not going to work as needed.
  9. Basic Points (Support)

    No immediate or medium term plans. My priority would be Commerce integration first. But not ruling out this for the longer term.
  10. Collections Support Topic

    That's a pretty detailed demo compared to a fresh install but if you still wanted to see the admin area as well, let me know and can set one up.
  11. Forms Support

    That's a confirmed bug and will be fixed next update. I've noted this and will see about including a setting to use the different message styles. Once I found a suitable fix in the auto welcome app, will be copied across to this app. Would something like this work? That's using IPB4 own internal horizontal form class and is a relative easy addition I can provide. Good idea, will include next update. When the form app creates a new topic upon form submission? Or a custom field as part of the form your creating?
  12. Videos Support

    PM sent with something you can try.
  13. Videos Support

    I've only been asked once about this but if there is enough interest in this, shouldn't be a problem adding a quick setting. Do you have ftp access to your IPB files? If so, I can give you a patch to add this now. I've been asked about this a few times now and I'll need to add this as an option.
  14. News Support

    I agree. Logged this so included in next update.
  15. Auto Welcome Support

    Not seeing any obvious issues in the latest IPB that might be causing this but thank you for the further information. If you or anyone is available for testing, particular with social media registrations. Please let me know. Otherwise this will be patched in the next update.