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  1. Here is a patch for this. I'm checking all my apps and plugins for IPB 4.4 compatibility now. I should have every ready before or soon after 4.4.0 final is released. I haven't really used the announcement feature myself, perhaps others can comment better on this.
  2. The popup for "new replies" or follow topic notifications?
  3. The Videos app has received another update that fixes several more bugs.
  4. Have you tried adding the %event_location% quick tag to your settings? It should be up and running now.
  5. I've released v1.3.3 which includes several more minor bug fixes. @WG Mojo I was not able to reproduce your issue, I will need board access to troubleshoot further.
  6. Replied elsewhere already but please confirm no other conflicts your aware of and the next update will be released soon.
  7. What version are you currently using?
  8. Other payment gateways can be disabled. But it sounds like you want to use the gateway for purchases outside of the Donations app?
  9. Can you send me some of your example videos and check add them to a test board to make sure there compatible.
  10. As in the Youtube clone part? No, it mostly supports embeds from sites like Youtube and Vimeo. And basic html5 video playback but nothing like the self hosted aspect of Youtube.
  11. It was created before IPS added a poll widget in a recent IPB update. The main difference would be the support for pulling the latest poll from a specified forum.
  12. In this case you would select "Per Amount" and then you can upgrade 1 day for every $1 for example. Not currently. It's something I've wanted to add for a while but it may be still a few versions away.
  13. I've noted it but can't give an estimate of when the next version will be. I'm currently focused on the Donations and Points apps.
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