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  1. Can anyone else confirm this for the default theme? Trying on 4.4.4 as well and can not reproduce this. I will probably need board access to troubleshoot this further.
  2. First thing to rule out. The file edits I gave you for the points count didn't affect this? Have you made any changes to your points template bits? Specifically basicpoints > front > topics > postButtons.
  3. Noted both in bug reports and this will be added next update.
  4. Both the latest versions of IPB and the points app? Can you take a screenshot to compare what I'm seeing?
  5. No but I've noted this and it will be fixed next update.
  6. If your available for testing this patch as well, I'll include you in the PM round when I'm ready. What was the email address?
  7. PM sent. I'm just looking if the "guest" account can be excluded here. That should then stop any duplicates appearing.
  8. I've noted this for a future version. Adding the custom field values as well shouldn't be a problem.
  9. I don't think I've used it before. I assume it's just creating the account for you and then your deleting once your done? Is it always the exact same username and email? (Perhaps just adding an exclusion for the email or exact username would be easiest then.) Just to confirm. Are you using the time delay feature or instant registration? Thanks, all noted. I want to clear up these double/social media issues first but afterwards will be looking at new features again.
  10. If you open the thumb up or down in a new tab is it registering any errors that the "ajax" might not be showing?
  11. PM me if you need any custom work done for this. Support for the forum will require some work and a new hook point. The percentage calculation is probably something I can provide a template edit now if you wanted.
  12. Yeah it's a bit of an annoyance. If you don't mind testing, I can put together a file edit you can apply that adds a new quick tag? Something like {member_ip_link} to link directly to the ip tools page. Are you seeing any duplicates in the "core_members" database directly? See the ip_address field.
  13. Not currently. I have saved this suggestion but the change is a bit more complex then my other apps because of the way tabs and fields interaction with each other. No but saved and will see what's possible in a future update. I don't really have any patches to adjust the landing page like that. But reproducing that affect on the "list all" page should be possible. So for example adding a widget at the top for featured vehicles and then normal list view with the rest. I'm using IPB's own internal review feature. So this would probably be something easier for IPS to implement in the reviews code. But I will look if there is something I can do on my end. As above. This is a bug I've noted and will be included in the next minor update.
  14. Did the settings "stick" after you set them again? Do you have ftp access to your files? I actually had a similar issue with the birthday greeter some time ago. I've got a test patch you can try until the next version is released.
  15. As in if it's already supported or likely in the next update? Not possible right now but very likely in the next update but I can't give an ETA on that. I'm still catching up with a lot of stuff.
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