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  1. And how many members do you have? What I was thinking is enable the "time delay" setting and then you can update your members database table to flag all your members as having "not received" any message yet. It doesn't do this automatically right now because I assumed most people wouldn't want old members to start getting new welcome alerts. Can you clarify here please? Not currently and it might be a few versions away. My "New Member Followup" plugin might be a work around. It supports a few different messages but works a bit differently then the auto welcome app. I took a look into this more closely recently. As far as I can see, the best way to integrate the auto welcome app would be on the wordpress plugin side. So for example, they should call the "onValidate" member sync extension. Can you confirm the above issue with social media registrations as well? I'm still moving, I'm sorry but my replies are just going to be slow for a while. What do you have set for user validation? Email/admin etc...? Do you have ftp access to your files and are willing to test a few modifications?
  2. Are we talking about the profile page or post row area in the topics?
  3. Hey you still there?

  4. It looks like some issues fixed themselves... But if I've missed any outstanding support, please let me know. This latest patch should fix this issue.
  5. If anyone else is having this problem, please PM for the latest patch. I just wanted to do a bit more testing to absolutely confirm it's fixed the issue before releasing a new update probably next week some time.
  6. Seems to be an issue with the new lazy load feature, can you try this patch and let me know if it works.
  7. I've added an untested patch here for you to try.
  8. This is a bug, I've added a patch here for you. The settings should cover 99% of the language but some locations were technically not possible. You'll need to modify some locations manually. For example the profile tab is "profile_collections_Collections".
  9. The work around right now is through the permissions. I'm still troubleshooting the tab issue though. Could you take a screenshot of the exact area and I'll see if there is a hook point you can switch to there. Gallery/3rd party app support is being worked on now. Pages is a little more complicated but it might be included in the next update as well.
  10. Have you upgraded to the latest version that includes "IPB 4.4 compatibility"? That should of fixed this issue. No sorry the gateway itself is not included and Commerce integration isn't currently possible. I am working on a solution for more gateway support but it's still some months away. Could you please PM me payment logs (acp > donations tab > payment logs) or admin cp login details to check? I want to confirm a few of these reports and then put together a quick patch for this. Edit: Ignore that, I see you've already supplied further details. If you happen to have ftp login details for your ipb files, PM me and I can pass a test patch for you to try. Edit2: Just wanted to apologies for everyone for the delay, I'm currently in the middle of a big move and only catching up with support now.
  11. There is a sync between the new form submission and topic. So tags and prefixes set by a member when submitting a form should be setting the exact same ones in the topic. I assume that's what your referring to?
  12. I'll reply here instead of the review so can get more info from you. This might be possible but may be further down the line due to the complexity of achieving this. Do you need the ability to edit each fields message? Because if not, that text is covered in the language manager and can be changed that way as well. The database check is probably forcing an exact match in that case. The "contains" option would be an alternative but I will have to check if a database check can be done that is in-case sensitive.
  13. What kind of member validation do you have currently? Email, admin/user? No not currently. If you've got ftp access to your ipb files, I might be a temporary work around you can try. But for included support, there would need to be some changes to do this. I can't think of anything obvious that would cause this. I would need full board access to troubleshoot this further. Assuming this is happening across various IPB functions though, I would probably recommend trying with them first because I've never encountered this before and they would have a better idea where to first start. Are you using the time delay feature? If so, it should be possible to flag selected members as "not welcomed" and they would be retroactively picked up by the welcome task.
  14. I've noted this as a bug so can be included next update. Do you have ftp access to your ipb files? If so, I might have a patch you can try in the meantime.
  15. What version of Donations? The line numbers seem a bit off from the latest update.
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