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  1. News Support

    Reply up now. That should address the pagination issue.
  2. Rebuild Tools (Support)

    No into pure attachments like that but it does make use of IPB4's own "image proxy" feature. See the "Serve images from local server?" setting in your admin cp for how this works.
  3. Forms Support

    I'm working on updates with new features for all my apps in early 2018. But if you can PM me, I'll put together a small patch for you to fix this bug straight away.
  4. Videos Support

    That's fine to leave as is then. Could you PM me a link to your forums to check over in mobile view myself? (Or alternatively a full mobile view screenshot) The above edit should of patched the last of the mobile issues. Do you have any secondary groups for the member you tested with? I'm still having trouble reproducing this, it should be not showing videos if the permission is not set. It's primary purpose is media urls (Youtube, Vimeo etc..) and not really designed for video uploads. I've added basic video upload support for html5 supported videos but that's it for now. I've sent a PM with demo board none the less so you can check over. Automatic thumbnails do not work with video uploads but Facebook videos should at least attempt to grab a thumbnail if possible. Do you have an example of the video your using and I'll test it out? I was delayed last week so only catching up to support now.
  5. Basic Points (Support)

    Can you check acp > system tab > advanced configuration > view tasks. Look for the "autoResetPoints" task, what was the last run date on it?
  6. News Support

    Should be up within a few days. The default theme itself adds a 15px top margin to the vertical widgets. So this would likely exist in your theme as well. If you search for "blocks.css" in your themes css files, you should see something similar to this code to adjust that margin. .ipsWidget.ipsWidget_vertical { margin-top: 15px; }
  7. Donations Support

    In donate > front > browse > index? If so, make sure it's placed after this line to take advantage of the "$goal" variable. {{foreach \IPS\donate\Goal::roots( NULL, NULL, ( \IPS\Settings::i()->dt_goal_reset ) ? array( 'g_show=1 AND g_start_date > ?', \IPS\Settings::i()->dt_goal_reset ) : array( 'g_show=1' ) ) as $goal}}
  8. Messages Support

    I think I may need an account to test this further. I see you've got a PM for another issue, will reply to that one shortly.
  9. Donations Support

    New payment gateways are planned for early 2018. Nothing is ready yet though. The donate goal and main index page both have access to the "$goal" variable and your above code should work just fine in those locations.
  10. Videos Support

    Can you check this bug report and the included patch and let me know if that fixes the issues? What theme are you currently using? Would you mind taking a screenshot of both sections so I can try and reproduce this? I wasn't able to when disabling the "View Videos" category permission for a certain group.
  11. News Support

    Will have a reply up soon. Will have a reply up soon.
  12. Messages Support

    Could I either get access to your site or can you let me know what theme your using and also whether your using the fixed global message or any possible messages widget combination of well? I'm having a hard time reproducing this with just the latest version of Firefox. Can you PM me first thing next week so I don't forget about this. Just on the road right now. See here. This is also something I can patch up first thing next week.
  13. Auto Welcome Support

    I'm trying to do it before the holidays but just haven't had the spare time yet. Do you have ftp access to your ipb files? If so, I can pass along some patches I've been working on?
  14. News Support

    I've sent you a PM to work around this for now. But ideally I would like to get a copy of the theme to test with it. Can you adjust your News "Truncate entries?" setting higher and look at reducing your "Thumbnail size" setting? That way the average amount of text is always going to be bigger enough to cover the associated image.
  15. Donations Support

    Can you let me know a little more about where your placing this condition?