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  1. It's using the responsive theme, so should appear in mobile as well. What are you currently seeing?
  2. I've attached a patch you can apply until the next update is released here - https://www.devfuse.com/forums/bugs/collections/comments-and-guests-r280/ Noted bug and will be fixed. Your custom solution if working across all browsers, should be fine.
  3. It's noted and will definitely be included, may not be the very next update if IPB 4.5 is released soon.
  4. Bug report already logged, noted categories as well. Will be fixed next update.
  5. See acp > system tab > site features > menu manager > add item. No not currently. Would need to be done custom as not supported by default.
  6. I got this link for the breadcrumb... - https://www.walkingfootball.com/news/category/1-walking-football-news/
  7. Do you mean in the menu tabs? Or another location?
  8. Can I either get admin access or screenshots of how you've setup your form fields so I can better understand what your after? I assume your referring to the toggles when 1 field is selected or not? IPB4 itself does not support translation in custom field options.
  9. No not currently but it has been suggested before and will definitely be included in a future update.
  10. PM sent. Can you you adding a new language and see if the Collections works in there first?
  11. PM sent with patch. My apologies, I was thinking of another app. I've noted this as a "bug" so will be fixed in the next bug fixing update rather then new feature release.
  12. Not currently possible unless IPS adds support for widget areas on both sides of IPB, not just the right.
  13. What have you set for the category permissions? No there is full tag support, make sure you "enable tags" in the category settings?
  14. When you edit an announcement, the extra settings will appear. e.g.
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