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  1. Birthday Greeter Support

    I'm sorry I should of noticed this before but missed it. But the "Topic/Post Daily" setting should be enabled if you want to create only 1 topic a day and use the "{birthday_list}" quick tag.
  2. Portal

    I'm hoping you were able to solve this. Make sure you can reproduce this in non Portal locations, as that would indicate a problem with the widget itself. A few guesses but to be sure, could you either reply or PM me the contents of the block your trying to add so can test with it as well?
  3. Birthday Greeter Support

    What do you currently use to run your tasks? A cron job or using web traffic? If you run the task manually, does it send anything out. (ACP > System tab > Advanced Configuration > View Tasks link > Run "Birthday Greeter" task.)
  4. Auto Merge Exclusions (Support)

    Can you please post a screenshot of the plugin settings you've setup?
  5. Donations Support

    I've already replied to your pre-sale PM before I saw this post. If you wanted to reply to that PM with acp login details, I can help with the initial setup if you want? If your only going to maintain 1 currency, I would recommend modify the existing USD currency rather then adding a new one or removing the USD one. That way you've got the default currency already set. The member rewards use the default currency, which in this case would likely be the USD one still. So it sounds like your donating in GBP and not falling within a range of a reward using USD. Paypal probably moved it's location. If you login and then visit this url here - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/customerprofileweb?cmd=_profile-ipn-notify Just make sure the "IPN Enabled" message is present. The rest of the gateway instructions can then be skipped.
  6. Auto Welcome Support

    Thank you, PM sent.
  7. Basic Points (Support)

    I've sent you a PM with some edits for you to try out.
  8. Auto Welcome Support

    As it's still listed as beta, I will wait a few versions until it's more stable and then upgrade on my end if needed. Either this is a bug with IPB 4 itself or they have changed something I hook into or extend.
  9. Basic Points (Support)

    Do you have ftp access to your IPB files? If so, I might be able to provide a patch you can test out now and see what it looks like.
  10. Basic Points (Support)

    I encountered this in another plugin and decided to position the data in the left sidebar instead? What are your thoughts on that alternative? Ideally IPS would make that area responsive friendly for more data. (It's obviously a popular spot to add basic info to a users profile). But without them doing that, I'm not sure I can get around it myself and a left block appears to be the simplest option right now.
  11. Auto Welcome Support

    Still looking for volunteers to test the new notification fix if anyone else can help, please PM me.
  12. Portal

    I'm confused, is this for the Calendar widget? If so, you would want to check with IPS themselves as they are the authors of that app and have a much better knowledge of it then me.
  13. Donations Support

    You might want to check the IPS Marketplace as I seem to remember a plugin that allowed you to display secondary group icons. So for example, you would setup the member rewards in the Donations app to add a "donor" secondary group and have it display that badge with the plugin. Alternatively, if your just going to have a fixed icon and don't mind setting it up yourself. i could give you instructions to change the current "$ Donor" tag to a different image? That would display instead of it and for any member who has donated historically.