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Nexus Donation Issue


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Before I submit a ticket I wanted to ask here if anyone had a similar problem, and solution.

My nexus donations - everytime someone donates towards a goal, instead of adding the donation to donations already received and displaying a total - it resets my donation received to the amount that was just donated.  This just looks bad and I'd like to get it fixed.

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I did have this but I had changed currencies (and some other bits) during a test of something else so I put it down to that.

I have just re-tested this and I can duplicate it. With both 'unlimted' and 'fixed' , I'll submit a bug report. ^_^ Please add anything you need to it, you can find it here:

I'd suggest you open a ticket in the Client Area for direct assistance with this concern on your community.

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On 6/16/2016 at 5:22 PM, JohnDar said:

Was fixed, but appears to be broken again in latest update.

Can you please update the bug report, which AndyF linked, with the details you have?

There was a patch file released in a KB article, which will fix the issue. Please apply that to your site:

Thank you!

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