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  1. There's the same broken design issue as above (the Admin listing isn't responsive) in version 4.4.1. It happens for the new "Transaction Waiting For Payment" view.
  2. I'm running Invision version and I'm having an issue (in Snow version 1.3.2) where the snow doesn't stop at the bottom of the page. It continues falling forever and causes the browser window (Chrome) to infinitely extend downwards to accommodate the flakes. This happens on the default theme. Snow version 1.3.1 works fine.
  3. Following the latest IPS update to v4.4.3, the Featured Content slider on my site has developed a bland grey background, whereas before it was transparent. I've reverted back to my previous version (of Featured Content), 4.4.6 for now. Before: After:
  4. @Lindy That is exactly what I'm saying. I've applied the recent interim patches but the issue is still there. Note that I closed the ticket after being informed that the permissions are behaving as they should, so I can't currently respond to you there.
  5. Having submitted a ticket, it seems that this is working as intended: I still feel that this is debatable, given that it completely overrides the specific Forums selected in the whitelist and displays all new posts from everywhere. This is definitely counter intuitive. To have the ability to override the Forum whitelist OR everything (by selecting the 'all' checkbox) would greatly enhance the functionality.
  6. Thanks guys. I've applied the patch but the problem is still there. I'll submit a ticket.
  7. I have a post feed block configured to display content from only selected Forums. This works well and keeps admin chat (in private areas) out of the feed block (even if members without permission wouldn't see it anyway). I've recently been looking at configuring the feed so that general content that isn't available to Guests shows up in the Post Feed, as an incentive for them to register. However, if I disable the 'Honor permissions' toggle, within the Post Feed block editor, then everything recent, from every Forum is displayed within the feed to Guests, even from Forums that are not on
  8. Having recently updated my Forum to the latest version, I'm liking the way that admin notifications are now gathered together in one location, under the little bell icon. However I'd really like to be able to add the validating member alerts to the Dashboard too (where they used to be located). The Dashboard has always been my first port-of-call when accessing the ACP and I think queued members are probably important enough to be allowed the option of being displayed there too, in required. Further to this, I notice that when you navigate to the notifications page and 'view all notificati
  9. One of my members spotted something odd, related to the map. (Note I haven't upgraded to 4.4.0 yet).. When viewing all activity in the activity streams the following appeared in the list showing that there was a new comment on a map marker: Where it should say something like "John replied to a comment..." it has something that looks more 'codey', highlighted by the arrow. Not a big issue, but I though I'd mention it in case it is evidence of a bigger problem.
  10. From Braintree's acceptable use policy. How does stack up against those of us that offer membership subscriptions? Are we all likely to be rejected?
  11. OK, further to my post above, I think there is porobably a bug: I have a marker group which is imported from a KMZ file, generated from a Google map I administrate. If permissions for this marker group are set so that the group doesn't show on the map, then the search works fine. If I display this group on the map, the search will fail (with the error in my previous post), if the word being searched is present within the imported map data. I can provide the KMZ file, if you would like to test this.
  12. I'm certain that this is an issue with my site/db rather than the Member Map itself: When I do a search and search for member map members, the search fails with, Some of my members use names that are also words that people might search for and this causes general searches to fail too, when the name clashes with the keyword. I had problems a few weeks ago with the 'clubs' bug and had to restore the member table. I suspect this might be the issue. Any help much appreciated.
  13. Liking the new features, particularly Clubs, but thought I'd mention a couple of things that I'd really like to see improved... In Clubs, if you have your settings set so that all new clubs need to be approved by an admin, there doesn't seem to be any provision for sending out an email or notification that a new club is pending approval. At the moment, it's a case of just checking the clubs page to see if anything new has arrived. If I'm missing something, apologies, but I can't see where such a notification can be configured. In Commerce, if you set up a product as a non physical su
  14. All good. I have my 997 markers back. It took a bit of hacking about, because my best table membermap_markers table was from a pre-IPS 4.2 DB backup. Many thanks for everything you do, Martin.
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