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  1. Is there anyone here with a LIVE fully functional example of this being used in a live environment. I appreciate the demo page but it doesn't really show me anything special... unless I'm missing something. Please one of you fine folks.. a link to your page you use this on. This LOOKS to be awesome but I need to know before I throw money around.
  2. I didn't mean for you to apologize and I understand that English is not everyone's first language. I merely meant to point out how what seems innocent over text can seem a bit rude. I KNOW you were not being rude. I agree 1000% which is why I brought it up. I think @TAMAN deserves as much business and positive reputation as possible. His themes are the first I've stuck with for as long as I have, and without mentioning names he had some pretty stiff competition. I want TAMAN to have the best REP possible so I was simply pointing out how it COULD be perceived. I think I need to apologize actually. All I meant was to be helpful. TAMAN, you do not need to apologize sir. Anyway to you as well, may the New Year bring you great and further success! Back to "support topic"
  3. I actually found the problem and fixed. Suggestion and please do not take this the wrong way: You sell a product and as such, I am one of your customers. If I were to walk into my local business with an issue, EVEN if it was something they couldn't fix, I would be god smacked if they looked at me, even with a smile and said "Not my problem then." In fact I would never return to that business. Now granted, I'm sure there is something lost to translation here and you certainly don't mean it to sound as rude as it does but perhaps in the future instead of "Not my problem then" you could simply say "Unfortunately this isn't due to the THEME. I'm sorry I wish I could help" Ultimately I'm looking out for your interest here because you do really great work and I would hate to see you lose potential business in the future because of a perceived lack of caring. Call me old school. I pay attention to these things Anyway thanks for the quick replies though! Cheers.
  4. Please don't give up on this. It is needed more now than ever. Mobile usage is a must in this day and age and members are demanding it. I'd pay a pretty penny for this myself!
  5. @TAMAN could you help with the following error: I have the latest update for IPS as well as your newest update. This is on a FRESH install of the theme. I have done no work to any of the theme files or altered anything else. This happened after applying your last template update.
  6. Please check your inbox :) 

  7. pilotguy

    (NE) Mention list enhancements

    This doesn't seem to work well for me. Perhaps it is because I have large groups?? But when I @ mention a group it just comes up blank. The group name is correct. The group names are stylized so not sure if that may be affecting it.
  8. pilotguy

    Discord Integration

    I have an odd issue with this from time to time. Even though I have my user permissions set on IPS and define what the equivalent is on discord, sometimes, members just get throw back to REGISTERED. Is there something I am doing wrong? A way I can just disable this all together? Still seems to happen with all of the sync options turned off.
  9. pilotguy

    Notices - Supporttopic

    Nope - no logs are being generated for this event oddly.
  10. pilotguy

    Notices - Supporttopic

    This is throwing a "500 error" whenever I "enable" a notice.
  11. pilotguy

    Prune/mass move topics

    I have your rules apps... BUZZ I would like to be able to MOVE topics to a new forum based on the topic title or keyword search in the message body.
  12. I just meant after I resize it .. I'll play around. Next thing I'm trying to do is get FORUM HEADER IMAGES... but that's nothing to do with you.
  13. Well even with resizing it cuts the tops and bottoms off. Anyway, just thought I would ask. Question answered.
  14. @TAMAN, there must be a way to CONTAIN the image in the slider through CSS so that one doesn't need to resize images. Could you provide some help on this - What would need to be adjusted or could you make this an option in a future update. We use a LOT of images and it's a big pain in the butt to constantly resize the images to "fit"