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How do I remove this thing?

Kirill N

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13 minutes ago, Rhett said:

Can you clarify how this would be an annoyance?  How often do you lose connection to the internet? 

Every time I close my laptop and open it back, the wi-fi has to reconnect and I see that sign each time (if I had an IPS site open in my browser, of course). It's annoying because it's unusual behavior for a tab, and it attracts my attention for no reason. The title should only change when there's something new on a page, for example, Twitter indicates the number of new tweets on your timeline, while Facebook shows you the number of new messages if you have any. What is the pause sign indicating? That my wi-fi got disconnected? Why?

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15 minutes ago, Charles said:

It's an icon the indicates the polling for the instance notifications is paused.

Do you really think this information is important enough to be displayed as a large black icon in the title? 

By the way, this is what my bookmarks look like on my phone... :hmm:



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Thank you so much Daniel and Nathan!

I found the following bit in the javascript.xml file:

				if( this._paused ){
					document.title = document.title.replace( "❚❚ ", '' );
					this._checkNotifications(); // Do an immediate check
					this._setInterval( this._pollTimeout );

Is it safe to remove the "document.title = document.title.replace( "❚❚ ", '' );" line?

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