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  1. Any word on when the app feature will be available?
  2. Any update on the above please? @batarjal
  3. Okay, but my members still get assigned a secondary group after connecting their Patreon account. For instance, a member who was in the group "Senior Member" gets moved to the group "Patron" and then "Senior Member" becomes their secondary group. So I have to go and manually remove the secondary group for every member. What about the title above it?
  4. Hi @batarjal, is there a fix to this? I have to manually change the group for every new patron, which makes the plugin useless.
  5. Found another issue: "Don't assign groups" doesn't work for extra groups. I select "Don't assign groups, click save, it saves, but when I go to "Group Mappings" again, it's still unchecked.
  6. Hi, Love the plugin, but when users connect to Patreon the message "Do you support ___ on Patreon?" uses my real name rather than the Patreon page name and I can't change that. Also in the Admin CP in "Campaign" it says my real name rather than the campaign name.
  7. I want to put text after the "Title" field on the "Create New Topic" page, but I can't find the part in the template where to put it. Any ideas?
  8. This was perfectly! Thank you so so much. Please PM me your paypal address so I can buy you a coffee! 🙂
  9. Many thanks for the response, I appreciate it. Unfortunately {$comment->author()->contentProfileFields()} doesn't return anything. I also need to return a specific custom field, not all of them.
  10. Willing to pay a small fee to someone who can help me figure this out
  11. Hey guys! Hope everyone is well! I'm working on a theme for my website and I'm struggling with adding a custom profile field to the postContainer template. I know the code for custom fields in Pages is this {{if $record->field_51}} {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('key', 'listing')|raw} {{endif}} What would be the equivalent for this code for custom profile fields? Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm trying to upgrade to 4.4 and for some reason I'm getting a 500 Server Error. When I go back the only option I have is to Continue the upgrade which leads me to the same error. How do I start a new upgrade?
  13. After upgrading to 4.2 my group promotion settings that I had for years have disappeared. Has anyone had the same issue? Adding them back is easy, but the problem is, I don't know when exactly they were removed and I don't know what and how many members haven't been promoted. IPS should really warn about stuff like that.
  14. That's a workaround, and not a very convenient one. 1. it would be much easier for the message to appear automatically than editing the post manually. 2. An actual warning message box is more effective than a simple text.
  15. Not exactly, I'm asking that the warning (in a different form, of course) be shown to all users.
  16. Please add an option to let users see that a post in a topic has been warning. I know that it may seem like an unnecessary feature because it's indeed not needed on small forums, but it's extremely important for us. Every day we have to give out tens of warnings for people who break the forum rules without realizing it. For example, we don't allow posting in all capital letters, and when someone does it, we issue a warning. However, since there's no way for other users to see that the post had been warned, they think it's ok to do it, and then we have to warn ten more posts in the same topic. It's just one example, but there's much more. If there was a small label that said "This post has been warned", it would not only save our mods a lot of work, but would also noticeably increase the quality of posts. This is already a feature in VBulletin and has been for like 10 years. PLEASE consider adding it to IPS4. Thanks.
  17. I can, but we need posts to be editable without time restrictions.
  18. Please add an option to disable users from editing topic titles. We have an issue on our forums where people would just change the title to "please delete" if they want their topic gone and considering that we have hundreds of active members, giving warning points just doesn't do it. I know this is a feature in vBulletin (or at least it was before I moved to IPS) and I think you guys should have it too.
  19. Thanks! Is it possible to style the article view of pages only, not all pages?
  20. Thanks for the quick reply. This is a shame because users will just upload giant images that use too much bandwidth and make the page slow.
  21. Is it possible for the plugin to automatically resize the uploaded file to a set dimension?
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